A group for coordinating around a Drupal distribution

Opigno LMS

Discussions around Opigno LMS - https://www.drupal.org/project/opigno
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Classified Advertising

Drupal based Classified Ads Solution

Classifieds advertising is a distribution for building Drupal based Classified Ads Platforms. Classifieds advertising plan to built the OLX clone.

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CREAM - Event Management system

Building a event management system for conferences especially Drupalcamps, Drupalcons.

Working to make a complete event management system for events especially for Drupal.

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A working group coordinating development of the Panopoly distrobution.

This is where Panopoly maintainers, contributors and stakeholders meet to coordinate overall development of Panopoly. If you use Panopoly or maintain a distribution based on Panopoly, this is the place for you!

We also have the #panopoly IRC channel on freenode.net, if you're looking to discuss in realtime over chat. (Learn to to setup IRC.)

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OpenCivic distribution

Discussing the OpenCivic distro, designed to support communities of software developers in creating, cataloguing and sharing software applications.


p>The OpenCivic distro of Drupal is designed to support communities of software developers in creating, cataloguing and sharing software applications. It provides a platform for sharing information specifically about "civic software" used by governments and nonprofit organizations to provide public services.

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A group for discussion about the OpenAid distribution.

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This group is for general discussion about the OpenAid distribution, a turn-key website platform for program-drive non-profits and non-governmental organizations. Share success stories, ask for advice or help, post an event and network with other OpenAid users.

For bug reports, support requests, or feature requests please use the OpenAid issue queue.

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Developments and conversations related to the ELMS distributions

ELMS has approximately 50 modules, themes, and features packaged on drupal.org as well as two full-scale distributions. This group will help foster development efforts in the ELMS community as well as tackel large initiatives like integration with SIS, LDAP, porting to Drupal 7 and beyond.

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Group for installation profile "Drupal Jobs" (not a job board)

Support group for the Drop Jobs distribution. NOT A JOB BOARD!

This group revolves around the Drop Jobs distribution.

It's objectives are to help plan future versions, help people get involved with the project and also offer support to whomever needs it!


If you are advertising a job or looking for work, please look here.


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A group for community discussions about using Julio.

Julio creates a public facing web site for schools, school districts, and university departments.

This is the main location for community discussions and help for organizations using Julio.

This is also the spot for people looking to develop additional features for Julio.

Documentation is available on drupal.org.

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Dedicated to facilitating SaaS systems using Drupal

The SaaS Group works to integrate and test systems that support SaaS services that operate on Drupal distribution. We will also cooperate on disseminating materials on how to configure and support systems.

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