A group for coordinating around a Drupal distribution


Ready to use distribution implementing atomic design principles.

Drupal Atomic Design Alliance

Ready to use distribution implementing atomic design principles.

  • ECK as a Content Library
  • Fractal as a Component Library
  • UI Patterns as a bridge
  • Bricks as a UI Builder
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OpenDomus Project

Danish distribution aimed at housing cooperatives in Denmark

Målet for dette projekt er at skabe en dansk Drupal 7 distribution målrettet andelsboligforeninger, hvor fokus ligger på brugervenlighed. Systemet skal være let at bruge både for webmaster og brugere.

Distributionen skal sætte en komplet hjemmeside op med et tilhørende socialt intranet.

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To discuss the goal of thunder and future development
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For service providers and agencies interested in the Australian Government govCMS program
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Light-weight, mobile, extendible learning management system

We're looking for experienced learning management system users to help us test and improve our brand new spanking LMS based on the best CMS on the planet.

If you have experience with learning management systems ideally by being an instructional designer or an advanced CMS user who is tingling with the idea of using Drupal for an LMS - do get in touch - I am sure we'll have lots to discuss.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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Drupal as a Mobile Backend

Drupal can be a great mobile backend platform for building native apps.

Our vision is to see Drupal becoming a full-featured and viable mobile backend platform.

We have organized to:

  • Discuss the needs of the mobile app development sector and the business case for adopting Drupal as a mobile backend platform
  • Share experiences and technical ideas about contributed modules or custom modules that would add value to Drupal as mobile backend platform
  • Explore how Drupal can be further improved to provide services that would help mobile app developers
  • Building a set of open source demo apps that showcase Drupal as mobile backend platform
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Are you a Drupal ninja (I hope not)

If you are a Drupal expert/coder/professional/programmer(but definitely not a ninja) and fancy a new challenge, then join this group and share your knowledge.

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Opigno LMS

Discussions around Opigno LMS - https://www.drupal.org/project/opigno
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Classified Advertising

Drupal based Classified Ads Solution

Classifieds advertising is a distribution for building Drupal based Classified Ads Platforms. Classifieds advertising plan to built the OLX clone.

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Groep voor het bespreken en coördineren van de ontwikkeling van de DvG distributie.

Drupal voor gemeenten wordt door gemeenten en leveranciers gezamenlijk ontwikkeld en is helemaal open source. Wordt lid van de vereniging Drupal voor gemeenten en werk en beslis actief mee over de (door)ontwikkeling van DvG.

Deze groep is voor zowel gebruikers (de gemeenten, redacteuren, webmasters) als voor de leveranciers en ontwikkelaars.

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