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There are an increasing number of services that want to be able to import, export, exchange, and archive a Drupal site (code, files, db) such as DAMP, Aegir, Acquia Hosting, Pantheon, Drupal Gardens, Backup and Migrate module, and more. The goals for this working group are to:

  1. Develop a standard Drupal Site Archive format so that all of these systems can reliably exchange sites.
  2. Develop a Drupal contrib module with a push-button UI and Drush command for generating an export (import functionality may be too closely tied to each specific environment for a general contrib implementation).
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D8 changes - config directories

I think we need enhance our file format and manifest for D8's config directories. I suspect everything works if those dirs are stored in public files dir but if sites store them elsewhere, the archive will not have config and thus restore is impossible.

  1. Am I right - this is needed?
  2. Anyone want to take a cut at adding this to the "spec"?
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Archives with no-core and possibly only-platform

I've been working on a --no-core option in my sandbox (

For archive restore to handle this we need some info in the manifest file indicating this.

In the issue below I've suggested a 'dump_type' field being either site or platform. But maybe we can think of something better...

1280218: archive-restore adaptation for an archive made with --no-core option -

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DB independent dump

In some cases, it would be really cool if the DB dump in the archive were in DBTNG format. Thats a new format which can be imported by SQlite, MySQL, Postgres, and contrib DBTNG drivers. See

I think we should call this 'driver' DBTNG in our Manifest.ini.

Do folks think this useful? Would Gardens, Pantheon, etc. be willing to support this during export and/or import?

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Initial format discussion

[ This group initially started as an email thread. This discussion is for re-posting the content of the thread and then continuing the discussion about the goals and layout of the archive format. ]

My initial idea is that the basic format will look like what Drupal Gardens already generates and what I think Pantheon imports: a gzip'ed tarball with code, ./files, and a .sql dump file in the root. However, there are many other things the format could support, such as:

  1. A specifiable format for the sql dump: mysqldump, pure SQL, whatever.
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Site Archive Format

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