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HTACCESS Redirect Development

I am in the process of converting a number of sites to site wide HTTPS and am running into some issues with redirects, URL's and so forth.

This is as much a discussion as it is a will hire you if you can let me know what you experience is with this end of core apache/drupal stuff.

There are 5 sites with various levels of complexity and I have gone so far but am now stuck.....

Happy to be contacted here (

UPDATE: Example CODE to comment on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}$ [OR]

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Redireccion SSL

Hola Comunidad...

Les cuento mi problema a ver si alguien puede darme algo de luz.

Estoy trabajando en un sitio web en drupal 7 con un pequeño catalogo hecho en Ubercart. El alojamiento es en windows con Plesk Parallel (IIS).

Tengo instalado el certificado SSL perfectamente y me funciona bien, el tema es que no he podido hacer trabajar el sito solo en https.

Como el sitio me esta generando el mismo contenido dos veces (con Http y Https), estoy teniendo problemas con el dueño porque solo quiere el sitio en https.

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Getting HTTPS to play nice with Varnish

I've gotten Varnish working in front of Drupal 7. I've also got Pound in front of Varnish, and can successfully browse the site via HTTPS. However, whenever I try to log in over HTTPS, I get a 403 forbidden error, and I'm not entirely sure why. My guess is Varnish-related... but I'm not positive.

Anyone have any ideas/pointers as to what I'm missing? I'm glad to post Firebug output showing the POST to /user and the resulting 403 if it helps.

Relevant snippets from settings.php:
$conf['reverse_proxy'] = TRUE;
$conf['page_cache_invoke_hooks'] = false;
$conf['cache'] = 1;

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Setting Clean URL's with SSL (https) for the backend and http for the front end when Drupal is in a subdirectory/ subdomain?

After reading various documentation on the subject I figured out how to possibly do this. I started a write up in the documentation, and placed it under technical review. Are there people with knowledge on the subject who want to take a look at it? This to ensure that there are no mistakes.

The url is:

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¿alguno ha usado un modo mixto se sesiones para no perder los datos de la sesión del usuario entre HTTP y HTTPS?

He estado probando varios módulos (session443, securepages..) pero únicamente veo que hagan redirecciones entre el método seguro y el no seguro, según determinadas rutas.

Parece que el módulo mixed_session podría venir a resolverme el asunto, pero me produce errores desde el comienzo

¿alguna idea?

un saludo

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Always redirecting to https?

Hi all,

After more than 2 days trying to figure what can be the reason, this is like a desperate call of help.

First, thanks to perusio for the great work. I was using my own setup based on the distro files, but with your approach I've learned a lot.

I'm using nginx 1.0.13 + drupal6 + APC, migrated from an Apache configuration. It's a dedicated server where I host 4 different websites, only one has a SSL certificate and is where I have problems.

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Using SSL with Server Alternate Names

I'm developing a facebook application (page tabs) for a site I'm developing and about to launch. I needed SSL so I purchased an SSL Certificate.

The plan was to develop the App whilst the site is a and then migrate it later.

I figured out that I'd need a certificate with Subject Alternate Names. So I purchase one from GeoTrust and added the appropriate subdomains e.g. (dev. stg. www.)

I only have one IP address at the moment. My question is, what is the best way to set it up to work best with BOA.

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Въпрос, свързан с http & https duplicate content и ползването на Meta tag (nodewords) module за canonical urls

Здравейте, това ми е първият постинг тук (макар че честно казано не знам дали тук му е мястото). Новак съм с Друпал и имам следия въпрос, чието решение ми трябва спешно. Имаме eCommerce клиент, чийто сайт, изграден на Друпал 6, оптимизираме.

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Secure Login module not dead yet

Secure Login module was in need of a maintainer, so I decided to take it on.

What I like about Secure Login is that it's a small, simple module that makes it easy to enforce secure (SSL) logins on a Drupal site.

I've already committed a Drupal 7 version which could use testing and feedback.

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HTTPS with a load balancer


I'm trying to add support for X-Forwarded-Proto and Front-End-Https to Drupal. Right now, if you try to run an HTTPS-only site on a reverse proxy that talks to your web servers via HTTP, AJAX callbacks fail because Drupal incorrectly generates a callback URL based on the protocol between the proxy and the web server, not between the client and the proxy.

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