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Drupal 8: Load Balancing with HAProxy

Hi, I am a Google Code-In 2014 Student. I wrote a great blog post and recorded a screen-cast of setting up load balancing with 4 servers. I wanted to share it with the community. :D

Here is the link: http://www.kalose.net/oss/drupal-8-load-balancing-haproxy/

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

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Linux System Administrator | Yale University

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Full time
Not allowed

I am reposting this job for the Core Services team at Yale University. Please follow instructions in the listing below and do not contact me directly about this job.

The Core Services Infrastructure group at Yale University has a new opportunity for a Linux System Administrator to join our team of system administrators, software engineers, and messaging administrators.

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HTTPS with a load balancer


I'm trying to add support for X-Forwarded-Proto and Front-End-Https to Drupal. Right now, if you try to run an HTTPS-only site on a reverse proxy that talks to your web servers via HTTP, AJAX callbacks fail because Drupal incorrectly generates a callback URL based on the protocol between the proxy and the web server, not between the client and the proxy.

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Load Balanced Servers Questions

I am setting up 2 load balanced servers under 1 ip to run my Drupal sites (multisite installation).
The sites will be using a separate dedicated server for the MySQL databases, on the same rack and 100Mbps network for faster access.
All 3 servers (2 app servers load balanced under one ip and the dedicated mysql server) are on the same physical rack.

Several questions come to mind, in particular...

APPROACH 1: rsync /home directories accross both servers.

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