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Css images not going throuhg Varnish

Greetings fellow Drupalers!

Despite my best effors i just noticed that some images are not served through the reverse proxy. Those rebellious image files are originating from inside CSS.

This can be easily fixed by making all those images paths absolute.

Does anyone know of a smarter way to fix this, preferably with a generic solution and end this mutiny once and for all?

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Setting reverse_proxy and reverse_proxy_addresses behind AWS ELBs

I've recently launched a Drupal 7 site using auto-scaling on AWS. The basic architecture is 2+ ELB that handle SSL, talking to multiple auto-scaled instances running nginx + php-fpm. Mostly, it's working.

I have noticed that the IP addresses logged for clients are in the private network that Amazon uses. At first, I thought that HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR wasn't set, but it turns out that it is both set and correct. The problem is that settings.php wasn't set up.

I've now read the notes in setting.php, and am a bit confused.

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Nginx as Apache Reverse Proxy - Lightbox2 Server Handling

I recently had some time to experiment with nginx as a reverse proxy for Apache, and so far I'm very pleased with the results. A big thanks to Perusio for his configuration files; they were a great basis to start from.

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Reverse proxy best practices

We have a site that is being built that will be a site-wide cms for the University I work at. The way it will work is the following:

The existing setup is just Apache serving static pages. These will be migrated into a single Drupal instance and not individual Drupal multisites. So it is now that serves the static content. Ideally, the same site can be recreated at in Drupal, and once the chemistry department is happy with the new version, I can flip a switch (.htaccess or apache change), and is now being reverse proxied to

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Nginx reverse proxy , Apache Drupal and Boost

A nice way to add performance to your drupal site is by adding Nginx in front of your web server to act as a reverse proxy. I have summarized my configuration which puts Nginx in front of an existing Apache / drupal site. Not only can it serve images and other static files, but I have made the tweaks to the configuration file to serve up the boost cached files directly from the Nginx front end.

My testing shows it to be very, very quick. The best thing, is that it can be tested on a production server with no impact.

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Drupal Thursdays in Bulgaria 27.01.2011

Propeople is organizing a "Drupal Thursdays" meetings in order to share our advanced Drupal knowledge with Drupal developers and anyone interested in Drupal.

Every Thursday evening invite you to join our team for discussion on various topics about Drupal.

Start time: 19:30
Location: Sofia, Pirin 40A street

The topic will be “Reverse proxy basics". Rumen Yordanov, the Head of Open Source Department, will explain how the reverse proxy works and why is the pros and cos of using it.

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Running Drupal behind Reverse Proxy Server

We are having issues with session persistence in Drupal when using the Pound reverse proxy server. Currently, we are losing our session when clicking on a link to add a comment to a node for subdomains only. This issue (losing our session) does not happen when on the main domain (, but only when on subdomains ( and

Our current environment has the Pound reverse proxy server in front of two Drupal web servers that are each connected to an NFS mount where the Drupal site code exists.

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Problem with squid and sessions

We have a setup with a load balancer that points to 2 squid servers listening and serving as cache to 4 machines, and we have it in pairs:



Each squid is configure to send requests to their requests:

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HTTPS with a load balancer


I'm trying to add support for X-Forwarded-Proto and Front-End-Https to Drupal. Right now, if you try to run an HTTPS-only site on a reverse proxy that talks to your web servers via HTTP, AJAX callbacks fail because Drupal incorrectly generates a callback URL based on the protocol between the proxy and the web server, not between the client and the proxy.

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How to confirm that Drupal is using reverse_proxy?

[Previously sent to Drupal-Support but received no response]

Hi All,

I have nginx 0.7.6 in front of Drupal 6.3 in a test environment.

I have edited settings.php:

'reverse_proxy' => TRUE,

'reverse_proxy_addresses' => array(''),

Where can I look to see a X-Forwarded-For address? I don't see it in
the sessions table (hostname).

I have tested with plain old PHP to confirm that my proxy setup is
copesetic and written X-Forwarded-For into the apache log (i.e.
%{X-Forwarded-For}i) but how do I confirm my proxy setup is working
with Drupal?

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