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need help/suggestion for performance in business directory site

Hi all..
i'll develop my website project and i choose to use drupal 6.14.
this website is directory business like and have a large database.
it's have 600.000 for company records and about 9.000.000 for product listing records.
But I have questions and doubts to use drupal, can drupal handle it with a good performance?
And what should i do to make this site have a good performance and fast loading?
For search module will use fuzzy logic,Are any suggestions for that in fast query searching?

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Measuring and improving MySQL performance over a (local) network

MySQL queries in my production environment are taking much longer than I would expect them too. The site in question is a fairly large Drupal site, with many modules installed (about 140). The webserver (Nginx) and database server (mysql) are hosted on separated machines, connected by a 100mbps LAN connection (hosted by Rackspace). Both machines are Dual Core AMD Opteron 2216HE 2.4 GHz with 4GB RAM and are running Red Hat Enterprise.

I have the exact same site running on my laptop for development. Obviously, on my laptop, the webserver and database server are on the same box.

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Request for feedback on best practices in overcoming query performance problems in D6 and beyond

It is well-known that many very useful queries that you create (on your own or via the Views module) are costly to execute because MySQL creates a temporary table and does a filesort. A common example is {node}.type='xxx' and {node}.status='yyy' order by {node_comment_statistics}.comment_count desc.

Another common example is sorting posts in reverse chron order of most recent comment timestamp, which the Views module implements as order by GREATEST({node}.changed, {node_comment_statistics}.last_comment_timestamp) DESC

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