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How do I run my entire site through ssl? Do i change something in settings.php?


I now have a ssl cert setup for my site but just wanted to know how do I now change the whole D7 site to run on https// etc?

Thank you


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settings.php - $conf variable overrides vs. Strongarm

Tagging on to Christefano's presentation, I was curious which takes precedence when setting a variable value: Setting the var value in settings.php or using strongarm (in a feature).

I've tested this in local build, and, as expected, the settings.php $conf array takes precedence over strongarm values.

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changing settings.php after the subsite is created through AEgir

Everything works fine with AEgir but i would like to change the settings.php once the verify is completed . dynamically i want to add db_prefix to my settings.php . please advise me

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Development style - settings.php file and Drush

Hi everyone,

Hope I'm posting in the right place for this question/discussion. I'm starting to use Drush frequently. I find it a great natural extension to the way I work as I develop on Linux.

I've come up against a bit of a problem though. I'm not sure but I assume that drush parses the settings file to do it's stuff. The way I develop I usually work with a number of sub domains , dev , test , staging.

My settings file deals with this by looking at the $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] to determine which domain the code is on and defining which DB to connect to.


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Dumb question about mysql + getting drupal running

Installing drupal (6.x), linked to new DB, then a variety of stupid problems after which I deleted the DB to start over. Edited settings.php to reflect new DB name and login. Drupal doesn't come up . . .

1) should it, if I correctly edited settings.php? or do I need to change other files as well?

2) or - is deleting the DB an hour after I started a no-no and other recovery or re-install tactics are necessary.

Thanks for any and all help! - Jim

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