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Google Summer of Code

Group for students/mentors/alumni of Google Summer of Code (GSoC).

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  • Drupal's GSoC 2016 Project Idea Page @
  • Google's Summer of Code 2016 (website coming soon) -
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    TMGMT: Translation Management Tools

    Manage the Translation Workflow

    Drupal can be translated by 100% today. That's faboulous!

    Managing the process and state of translation becomes tedious when working with a large number of nodes and severalt languages are concerned.

    This is why the TMGMT Project ( was created.

    Let's make it the standard for translation management.

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    Import API in Drupal core

    Interested in helping test Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 migrations? Start here for instructions on how to get set up, and where to start testing. Find us on IRC in #drupal-migrate.

    Weekly Meeting

    We meet weekly on Thursdays at 1:00 UTC (Wed 6pm PDT, Wed 9pm EDT, Thurs 9am benjy-time). Post a comment on the event page if you'd like to participate (and not just watch) and we'll be sure to invite you when the hangout begins.

    Current Priorities

    D6 > D8

    All issues are in the core queue.

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    Drupal Governance

    Announcements about happenings in the various Governance working groups

    Drupal community governance major happenings and opportunities to contribute are announced in this group, please follow the RSS feed or @drupalwgs on Twitter to learn about these.

    Read more 2014 roadmap brainstorming

    A temporary group for the Software Working Group to gather community input into the 2014 roadmap.

    Welcome to the brainstorming group for the 2014 roadmap! This group is to help the Software Working Group gather community input into the 2014 budget and plans for improvements. Please read the announcement for more background/details.

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    Burning Man

    This group is for regional events, theme camps and anyone else using Drupal for their organizing.

    Drupal meetup at Black Rock City, Nevada Our mission is to discuss tricks and tips and modules for supporting the coordination of regional events, theme camps, and other related Burning Man coordination activities.

    Please share your victories, questions and other relevant material. Who knows, perhaps we'll be able to create a distribution just for theme camps!

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    Fostering BDDinD - Business Driven Development in Drupal

    Given the interest shown at Drupalcon Portland with both a crowded session and BOF, the next step of fostering a growing use of Behat is to have a group of interested users/developers/etc. Behat, if embraced by enough Drupal folks, has the potential to vastly improve the way we test Drupal websites.

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    Drupal Social Initiative

    Working group to harmonise Social Networking functionality in Drupal

    This group is specifically for organising, planning and working on Drupal projects being fostered by developers/architects interested in harmonising Social Networking functionality in Drupal. This group is also the focal point for organising BoFs, sprints and camps.

    See the current plan at Drupal Social Initiative (Social API) and at Issues for Social API.

    We have a Drupal Social Initiative Google Group.

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    Google Summer of Code 2013

    Group for everything related to GSoC 2013

    Notice: We are not using separate group for each year's Summer of code any more. Everything should be happening in from now on!

    Welcome potential Google Summer of Code 2013 students and mentors!

    We are currently still waiting for Google to announce this year's organizations, but it is wise to start collecting project proposals now.

    If you already know what you want to do just create a discussion.

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    Open Drupal - Training

    Training materials and knowledge sharing for starting a Drupal career through self-learning, Apprenticeships & Internships.

    OpenDrupal aims to open new doors into Drupal. It can be difficult to start a career as a Drupal developer, and many young people aren’t aware it’s an option. With cooperation from developers, educators and the community, we can create high quality, free and Open Source training materials to make it easier to run effective Drupal training programmes.

    Let’s make it easier to become part of the Drupal community, encourage and enable companies to invest in Apprenticeships, Internships and Training, and work together, sharing knowledge and setting standards.

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