Working group

Apprentice League

Learn, Share, Contribute and Collaborate

This group aims to equip people in the central heart of Manila Philippines to learn about Drupal, walk the talk and create an amazing impact to the world of Drupal and outside the Drupal community.

This group is providing training, exposure and opportunities to newbies in Drupal and letting them explore the drupal sphere with the help of the Apprenticeship program. These people will soon be future developers in drupal and will be soon advocate of open source technology.

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Discussion about connecting Drupal and the Ethereum Blockchain

This group is about the development of the Drupal Ethereum module.

Collect and discuss user stories about why and how Drupal should connect to Ethereum Blockchain which allows to program Smart Contracts.

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Vim users

Conversations around how the different drupal users use vim for developing/editing/take over the world

In an age of fancy IDEs and new text editors every month many of us still find very fun and productive to use vim as our main tool for code editing and exploring.

There is many items we can talk about:

-How is each of us is integrating vim and Drupal
-Future of the vim pluglin for drupal
-Interesting plugins
-Comparison of features that other editors or IDEs bring to drupal development and how vim can do the same (or can't).

Let's discover how pleasing and entertaining can code editing be.

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Twelve Step Distribution

Help build an open source distribution for recovery groups

Stop rebuilding your Twelve Step group (AA, Alanon, NA, etc) website from scratch! Help the team that's already working on a Central Office/Intergroup profile for any city or area using Drupal. This project (and group) grew out of a discussion at NAATW. Details of the project can be found at

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Drupal El Salvador

Grupo de apoyo y desarrolla a a Drupal en español
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Indore Drupal Devloper Team

Indore Drupal Devlpoer Group

Solving Drupal 8 and Drupal 7 issues.

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Education Module Funding

Identifying and Supporting Modules Important to the Academic Community

1) Identify modules important to the academic community.
2) Figure out how institutions can support. i.e. module support campaigns, developer time etc.
3) Look at a funding model where universities and institutions can easily contribute. Right now there is not a easy way to do this.

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Discussing topics related to usage of Docker containers to build infrastructure for Drupal
  • Help developers to spin local environment with Docker: open source initiative
  • Using containers in production: share strategies, tools and docker images
  • Deploying Drupal to a cluster with Docker: orchestration tools, scaling
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Playing with drupal8 and building something awesome!!!

Mission to support Drupal 8 and building some really good modules, themes and distributions for drupal.

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Structured Content

A place to discuss the best way to build structured content in Drupal.

Born out of the "Paragraphs" BoF at DrupalCon New Orleans 2016, this group is for for those who want to discuss ways to build structured content within Drupal. Structured content has many names within the developer community and has associated terminology in the design world: Web components, content components, blocks, slices, atomic design, patterns, etc, etc.

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