Working group

Drupal LTS

Find, discuss and organize strategies for a Drupal Long Term Support

Here we want to find, discuss and organize strategies for

Drupal Long Term Support (Drupal LTS).

The final Drupal 7 is released and …

"Drupal 5 will no longer be supported or receive security updates, and you will need to update your Drupal 5 sites to Drupal 6 at that time."

The end of this support is a strategic problem for some people. Especially if a Drupal service company tries to get a big investment in a big Drupal project.

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Red Hat

A central discussion place for hosting and developing Drupal on Red Hat Linux and its white box derivatives, including CentOS and Oracle Linux.

Currently, there is a severe lack of documentation and discussion around using Drupal on Red Hat Linux, CentOS, and Oracle Linux.

Current handbook articles on Red Hat -

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This is an open discussion on the development of OpenPublic, a drupal framework for Government.

The goal of this group is to openly discuss the use, features, and framework of OpenPublic, a Drupal framework for Government []. You can find us in IRC on in #OpenPublic

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Site Archive Format

A standard format for exchanging Drupal sites between environments

There are an increasing number of services that want to be able to import, export, exchange, and archive a Drupal site (code, files, db) such as DAMP, Aegir, Acquia Hosting, Pantheon, Drupal Gardens, Backup and Migrate module, and more. The goals for this working group are to:

  1. Develop a standard Drupal Site Archive format so that all of these systems can reliably exchange sites.
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IP.Board (IPB) forum integration

How to use Drupal with IP.Board

I've started this group because at this moment there is no solution for integrating IP.Board into Drupal (or viceversa).

IP.Board (also known as IPB and Invision Power Board) is a commercial forum software developed by Invision Power Services.

We'll focus on 2 directions:

  1. Drupal is "king" - everything is processed by Drupal
  2. IPB is "king" - you guess it... IPB handles requests, users, etc
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Code Review of Full Project Applications | Home

A working group around the Drupal contribution code reviewing process.

To discuss, document, and rally around the code review process for new contributors to Drupal as well as code reviews for existing modules (outside of the security team). This group is to help people become (better) code reviewers so that the barrier to code contributions on the Drupal infrastructure is minimal but still valuable and to enhance the code on overall.

This is NOT a place to ask someone to review your application. Please read the instructions and use the CVS application process to apply for access.

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Let's speak about ways to link Drupal and different metaverses...

This group will try to be a meeting place to exchange ideas about sharing information between Drupal and different metaverses like OpenSimulator, SecondLife, imvu, there, and any other virtual world that can be able to share data on the web.

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Drupal Gujarati Translators

Welcome to the 'Drupal Gujarati Language Translation Team'. We look forward to the active participation, and cooperation of people genuinely interested in translating Drupal projects into the Gujarati (gu) language. Our Mission is to translate all the drupal project from English (en) to Gujarati (gu) language. This group is responsible for translating the different Projects of Drupal into Gujarati (gu) language.

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Drupal.Trade Facilitation-ASYCUDA

ASYCUDA users around the World to share ideas on ASYCUDA related issues and how a platform for this can be developed using drupal

Based on suggestions from ASYCUDA ( Technical and Customs Experts, we propose this group for sharing ideas. Automated SYstem for CUstons DAta (ASYCUDA) is a Customs Automated System developed by UNCTAD ( which is used around the world to automate customs processes. In this group, members will share ideas on the following;

  1. Using drupal for Trade Facilitation
  2. Sharing ideas and best practices on ASYCUDA Related Issues
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Google Code-In

Working group for the Google Code-in contest

Welcome Google Code-In 2015-16 Students and Mentors! - students and mentors find tasks at Google's system that manages GCI @

Documentation for students to get started contributing to Drupal @

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