Working group

Google Code-In

Working group for the Google Code-in contest

This group is for Drupal as a mentoring organization for Google's Code-In(gci). If Drupal is accepted as a mentoring organization, this group will also serve as a working group for monitoring Drupal's participation in the contest. GCI 2013 is finished and GCI 2014 will start in about October. Please join this group if you're interested in learning more.

Micro Shops

Discussion of the unique challenges of life and work in a very small (<=5 person) Drupal shop.

Working in a small Drupal shop is very different than working in a big one, or a Drupal team that is part of a larger company. Getting effective project management workflows in place without the overhead of features we are too small for, attracting qualified people, managing our wildly-varying workloads, attracting great clients and managing not-so-great ones are just a few of our challenges. Come join us for commiseration, collaboration, and good clean Drupal fun.

Yale University

Hands-on organic group to further understanding of Drupal and best practices for using Drupal at Yale University

DrupalGroup@Yale is a venue for learning more about Drupal and best practices for using Drupal at Yale. We use a hands-on approach to help those in the Yale Community solve issues and find solutions through our own experience or as a consolidated research effort.


The BACnet Interest Group - Drupal

Our Mission is to introduce BACnet to the Drupal Community ... and ... Drupal to the BACnet Community! ... OK! ... So, here we go, ...

Drupal, I am pleased to introduce you to BACnet - A protocol enabling interoperable data management systems for buildings (ie: used in The White House) - see

BACnet, meet Drupal - An open source content management system powering millions of websites and applications - for FREE (ie: used for the - see

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Federated Social Web

Discussions and reports on work around making Drupal a full participant in the nascent Federated Social Web.

The Federated Social Web is taking shape as people and organisations coalesce around standards (e.g. OStatus) and provide implementations of those standards. The are several efforts under way within the Drupal community to bring these technologies to the platform. The aim of this group is to provide a place where progress on work can be reported, ideas discussed and efforts co-ordinated.


Drupal users from Cameroon

Mission is to make the Cameroonian community using drupal to contribute their knowledge for the benefit of all. We welcome all working with this CMS, to Develop their knowledge as well as to improve their Application development skills by sharing.

As a matter of fact, we would encourage people to use this CMS, so that most websites developed for what ever purpose will be looking pretty including lots of functionalities.

Your participation is highly solicited.

Group Creator


Group dedicated to the topic of PHP, the language of Drupal.

Drupal is dependent on PHP. At this time PHP 5 is the industry standard, but with both the PHP 5.3 & 5.2 releases maintained at the same time there is are questions that pop up mainly with compatibility. This group helps bring PHP questions and their answers to light. Both PHP newbies and pros can get together here for the better of Drupal.

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Pets - Shelters and Rescues

assist shelters and rescues use Drupal for adoption and rescue of domestic pets

This group will develop tools to assist domestic pet shelters and rescue groups.

There have been a few multi-year discussion of pet tools on Drupal relating to integration with Petfinder and other shelter management systems.

Drupal's database integration provides an excellent basis for presenting pets for adoption, volunteer coordination, and event planning.

Activism module

Planning and developing the Activism framework for Drupal 7

Activism module helps you create, track, and manage online activism

The Activism module for Drupal 7 aims to be a complete framework for engaging in, tracking, and reporting on online activist campaigns and activities. It is a toolkit which manages ongoing activist campaigns in Drupal, while storing and managing all data in an external CRM system. The system runs over a simple, published API, so people can easily create their own activities, reports, and "connectors" to their favorite CRM system.

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DUG Bremen

Local Drupal User Group in Bremen, Germany

English summary:
The Drupal User Group Bremen is a local user group from Bremen, located in the north of Germany.

Die Drupal User Group Bremen hat sich am 31.08.2010 zum Ersten mal getroffen und wird sich zukünftig regelmäßig in Bremen zusammenfinden um über Drupal zu schnacken, den ein oder anderen Vortrag von Teilnehmern zu hören oder eine Installationsparty zu machen. Neue Ideen und Vorschläge sind immer gern gesehen!

Drupal Neulinge oder Interessierte sind herzlich Willkommen :-)

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