Headless Drupal

We want Drupal to be the CMS of choice for client-side MVC frameworks.

We want an API for renderable structure and context-aware template-driven JSON representations of pages.

The intention of this working group is to discuss how Drupal core should change for the ability for many different presentation layers to interact with Drupal, especially client-side frameworks, not just Drupal's own theme system.

We are working on drafting a manifesto on GitHub.

For some background, see Notes and Discussion from DrupalCon Austin.

Our todo list to get to robust RESTful client interaction support

  1. Document the current REST API
    • Maybe use something like Apiary
  2. Verify that we have PATCH support and that we can make individual field updates
  3. Implement OPTIONS support
  4. Create a benchmark implementation on a popular framework like Angular or Backbone
  5. Support retrieval of specific content entity views over REST
  6. Support retrieval of specific content entity edit forms and fields with widgets over REST
  7. Support linking and mapping of associated templates when retrieving of specific content entity views over REST
  8. Develop a cache-busting file name fingerprinting strategy so that templates and other resources retrieved from entity links can be versioned

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Blog in drupal like wordpress as mcdonaldsblog.in

Can we develop wordpress like functionality in drupal as eg. http://mcdonaldsblog.in

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Drupal 8 headless with BackboneJS, retrieve single entity with referenced field

Hello friends,

I'm building up a contact directory search with Drupal 8 and Backbone. The idea is to benefit Drupal 8 to set up and expose search data via Views with Json format.

And I have 2 questions regarding setting up REST endpoint

  1. When retrieving a single node from Backbone, I'd call /node/[nid]?_format=json and get

    "nid": [{
    "value": "55"
    "uuid": [{
    "value": "ec524ba2-5514-4179-a916-2213d40a0641"
    "vid": [{
    "value": "55"
    "field_acc_type": [{
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Best practice for consumer agnostic RESTful password reset?

I'm in the process of designing and building an API that will be used by multiple consumer platforms - web clients, native mobile apps, other servers.

One of the things I'll need is a robust method for handling forgotten passwords.

I'm thinking the RESTfullest way to to do this on the server side is by adding a pseudo field to the /users resource and accepting a PUT/PATCH request on it, something like 'password_reset' => TRUE .

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Shunter, json to html node.js app

Has anybody used this in conjunction with Drupal?


Looks interesting, we at Oxfam are planning our Drupal 8 site and investigating decoupling options, any tips welcome

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javascript framework

Hei guys!

I have gone through discussions about javascript frameworks. There are lots of frameworks and libraries choices. The thing is when we talk in context of ReST and Drupal as ReST service, It should be some how clarified to produce the best of performance on production environments. The frameworks are claiming each one is better than other in terms of best performance. What drupal community in specific the headless drupal minds are thinks about the javascript frameworks? the reason for a framework as the best performer.


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Image upload with headless / decoupled drupal?

I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle images in a headless drupal 8 install. Using the /entity rest endpoint is not working during serialization as it seems like I need to have a URI for the existing file on the drupal install. I'd like to be able to do everything in one step, if that's possible.

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Drupal 8 (RC1) Stability for a new headless project

I am in the process of starting a new project, that I would like to use a headless/decoupled approach.

I am debating on whether to use Drupal, specifically D8, but as it's very new, am concerned as it's stability. I understand D8 is superior to D7 for headless projects as D7 requires Services and RESTW modules. Is D8 (RC1) fit for a new headless project, or should I start with D7.

I am also considering Symfony CMF, but appreciate the less code-centric UI of Drupal admin.


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Headless Drupal Session offered at Baltimore Drupal Camp

Thinking outside the block. Embracing a (sometimes) decoupled architecture
Instructor: Dan Rogers
Level: Intermediate
Register here: bmoredrupal.org

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Training Details Released for Baltimore Drupal Camp

Training details for Baltimore Drupal Camp have been published here. (also included below)
We love Drupal and its community so we want to introduce it to as many new people as possible; therefore, we're offering a full day's, professionally taught course for Drupal beginners at no extra cost. I think this is rare for a camp.
I know many of you are already familiar with Drupal, but why not forward this to a friend who's new to Drupal or wants to get started in web development/design/site building?

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Sessions due for Baltimore Drupal Camp

Hey folks, sessions for Baltimore Drupal Camp are due Wednesday. Please post your session proposals here. Thanks!

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Baltimore Drupal Camp will offer a full day's course for Drupal beginners

Baltimore Drupal Camp will offer a full day's course for Drupal beginners, NO extra charge! It will be taught by a professional Drupal instructor and offered as an additional track.
Mark your calendar OCT09. More details to follow soon.

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What strategies are "decoupled" drupal developers using for SEO?

I'm working on a new project using the yeoman backbone generator and drupal as a json data service. If anyone can share any SEO-specificy insights, alternative strategies, or any other gotchas they've encountered, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Headless drupal 8 + AngularJS + NodeJS

We are looking for the best way to create the authentication using Drupal 8 rest server, angular + nodejs...
We created drupal instance, angular app which is hosted on nodejs server, this way we have separated hosts. What we achieved is successful writing of data in drupal session table, but we cannot keep angular session alive... So what is the best way to do this?
Do you have any tips for integrating these technologies?
We would like when we log in to angular app and switch pages to keep the session alive on drupal and in ang. app...

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Headless Drupal

Drupal is one of the world’s popular and widely used CMS frameworks. Drupal back-end system is very strong and can be used for managing any type of content like text, categories, media, geospatial etc.

The term Headless Drupal means, use Drupal as backend system and Rest server, so that content operations (create, read, update, delete) can be done from other language or tool. Drupal 8 comes with Rest Server included in its core. In Drupal 7 we can achieve this with a contributed module called Services or RestWS.

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Hierarchical multi level multi select dropdown menu

I am urgently looking for a hierarchical multi level multi select dropdown menu similar to the Drop Button 2 at http://www.bosin.net/ng/index.html or does someone know whether we can implement this menu on Drupal ?

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Hierarchical multi level multi select dropdown menu

I am urgently looking for a hierarchical multi level multi select dropdown menu similar to the Drop Button 2 at http://www.bosin.net/ng/index.html or does someone know whether we can implement this menu on Drupal ?

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Angular JS Module for Drupal

I've created an Angular JS module for Drupal 7. It has full C.R.U.D. support for Drupal's core entity types, session authentication (login, logout, registration) and entity indexing. It automatically handles the X-CSRF-Token needs, and is built on top of the Services module.

The source code is available on GitHub:


It's also available via npm:

npm install angular-drupal

The plan is start an 8.x branch of this module when D8 RC1 is available. Enjoy!

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Silicon Valley Drupal Users Group

2015-05-27 19:00 - 21:00 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
User group meeting

For those who missed DrupalCon LA, this will be a review of the conference, highlights, and information on where to find presentation materials.

This will be at the GoDaddy offices, 1020 Enterprise Way, 3rd floor, Sunnyvale, CA. You need to call the number on the door to get access. In addition to the DrupalCon report, Christoper Carfi will be presenting GoDaddy Pro, and there will be a drawing for a free year of GoDaddy hosting.

Check out the Meetup page for more info.

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DrupalCon LA Sprint: REST module documentation and "Hello World" Examples of Headless Drupal 8

2015-05-13 (All day) - 2015-05-14 (All day) America/New_York
Event type: 

I come from the land of CouchDB, Sails.js, and Phreeze. A land where spinning up a RESTful API is but a few commands on the command line. I'm hoping that with a reproducible recipe and a "Hello World" Example, Drupal will prove that it too can kick butt in the modern world. I'm coming to DrupalCon LA this week, flying in Tuesday night. I'll be hanging around the sprint rooms on Wednesday and Thursday trying to come up with a recipe that might go something like...

composer global require drush/drush:dev-master
drush quick-drupal --core=drupal-8.0.x
drush en rest

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Unique Digital Experience using Headless Drupal 8

We are one of the first Drupal teams in the world who have successfully built a Drupal 8 Portal using Headless Drupal technique. Here Drupal 8 is used to develop the back-end and Angular.js to build the front-end. Some of the cool features of the site are carousel for latest news (Carousel module is still not stable in D8 but using JS one can create carousel), category wise news, sub-menus and persistent header.

View Headless Drupal Demo

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