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Sr. Drupal Developer (Boulder) | High Country Technology Partners, LLC

Employment type: 
Full time
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High Country Technology Partners, LLC is a boutique technology staffing firm based in Denver, CO with staffing practices IT Consulting & IT Placement. Our goal is to understand our knowledge workers' goals and build a bridge to their most rewarding projects and positions.
Position: Senior Software Developer (Drupal)
Term: Permanent

Job Summary:
The senior software developer will have primary responsibility for researching, designing, developing, implementing, tracking, maintaining, and updating internal and external facing functionality and all other software development projects, working independently and as a member of the Technology & Delivery team. The senior software developer is also responsible for reviewing all templates, applications, and tools for conformity with house and company style, standards, and formatting. This person will also organize incoming development projects and prioritize project elements with the Software Development Manager and the Vice President of Technology & Delivery, as well as our internal and external customers, in such a way that deadlines are met and the web functionality, applications, and tools delivered are the best quality possible.

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Module to track the logged in users who viewed the entity

Hi there,

I'm going to make module that will track the logged in users who viewed the entity.
With this module you will be able to make "People viewed your profile" block like Linkedin does.

What I need:

  • Relation user to entity
  • Store last viewing date
  • Integration with views

Does anyone want to stop me? :) Are there any modules that makes same thing?

Update: Too late, module is ready: Entity Visits

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Tracking User Progress - has anyone done it?

I was stumbling aruond and found two modules: and

Now I'm not entirely sure if either will do what I want but it seems like both at least are heading in the right direction. I'm looking for some kind of if/then logic in that when a user completes task x they get %y added to their total. In my use-case it's % completed of a course or lesson. Has anyone else used either of these projects or do any kind of user progression tracking?

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Student Tracking

What is the best way to record the amount of time a student has spent on a page in Drupal? I looked at some timer mods, but have not found anything that really does what I want. Should I be trying to make a view that displays student activity? Is the logging accessible from views? Is there something super easy that I'm not seeing?

Ideally I'd like to be able to insert "time spent" into the existing Track view for each page. I'm guessing that isn't an easy thing to do, but just in case it's possible, I thought I'd mention it.

Thanks in advance,


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Track Host Module

Hi there,

just to let you know about the track host module for drupal 4.7 I've just released.

The basic idea is to know the sequence and time-for-reading of users navigation on large content drupal sites (in my case

Project home page:

Feedbak is very welcome!


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