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displaying multiple Views within Views with argument

Goal: to display multiple views within a view such that each row of the primary view passes a variable to the embedded views so that all of the content for 2 different content types can be displayed based on their relationship with the contents of the primary view.

Table display of the primary view would look something like:

[view1: row1 content [view2: content related to row1] [view3: content related to row1] ]
[view1: row2 content [view2: content related to row2] [view3: content related to row2] ]

Module used:
Views Custom Field:

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Help with OG and PHP Field

Alright... so I've got a view which identifies users with a sign-up for a workshop and executes a custom php snippet to subscribe them to a group which serves as the on-line classroom. I am using og_subscribe_user for this and it works great.

Now, when the workshop ends, I am going to remove them from the group and purge their contributions from the group. Browsing the CVS I find the og_unsubscribe_user function which looks like it work just like the og_subscribe_user function. Great! Except, the function doesn't exist in the latest stable release of OG.

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