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Alias automático en vistas filtradas por argumentos?

Saludos, estoy peleándome con rules de nuevo, les planteo mi duda:

Tengo una vista, que me muestra productos de una tienda usando como argumento el id del producto, generando una vista final con la url "producto/34" (o un número cualquiera).

Ahora, me gustaría que rules agregase un alias cuando añado un producto, sustituyendo la dirección con argumento de la vista "producto/[ID]" por "producto/[title]", previamente transliterado.

La opción de que el argumento sea directamente el title no funciona, la vista sólo se puede hacer con argumento ID, y se trata de una entidad.

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Building a working drill-down taxonomy view


Thanks, but no need to respond. I've remodeled the views and taxonomy relationship entirely, changing the nature of my question.

I'm building a multi-dimensional drill down for a Drupal-7/Views 3.x site that is exclusively organized using taxonomies. I'm using 2 vocabularies:

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Consulta de vista con argumentos y filtros

Buenos días,

Estoy trabajando con drupal 6.x y views 6.12.

Tengo una vista en la que tengo dos argumentos del tipo:
nodo: creado YYYY
nodo: creado mm

y tengo varios filtros, pero curiosamente si activo un filtro que corresponde a un campo cck del tipo text-area: como un menú desplegable select se jode la vista y los argumentos no funcionan.

Si ejecuto la query que muestra views en la preview me muestra correctamente los resultados que debería mostrar views.

¿Alguien sabe que ocurre?


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Passing Arguments for a filter to a view (views 3) in code scenario?

Hi Drupal Friends,
I am working on a Views 3 Project and I'm stuck with this issue:

So far:
A Service-Method that reads a view and returns the results:
$products_result = views_get_view_result($viewName);

Now I want to add a filter (default or contextual???) for setting the maximum price (e.g. "maximum price": field_price < max_price)


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LIn Clark video - Views: Arguments and relationships

Lin Clark from DERI Galway takes us through Arguments and Relationships with the very powerful views module in Drupal 7 at Drupal Camp Galway April 2011.

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Panel 3, URL Path, NID,

I have created a view with NID as arguments that pull all contents (fields) of a particular Content Type, say 'cars' (Car is a Content Type).

My panel 3 page works fine. The PATH on panel page is: cars/test/%layout

When I test my panel page in a broswer by typing: -> 36 is the Node ID of a particular car - this works perfect, shows details about this particular car with Node ID 36

My question is:

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Create display of taxonomy terms with depth in Panels

Hi folks, I'm sure this is a newbie question with probably a simple answer, but I haven't been able to figure it out.

What I want to do is have a Panel display all of the nodes tagged with a particular taxonomy term OR its children. In the panel, I have a context which is the parent term. The view has a Taxonomy: Term ID with depth argument. In the panel it's converted to the Taxonomy: Term ID context.

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Depth Taxonomy Menu

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make a taxonomy menu for tags, but I would like this menu to add on to the current URL of the page the person is on. I would like to achieve this for the purpose of users being able to sort my websites default categories by user submitted tags.

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displaying multiple Views within Views with argument

Goal: to display multiple views within a view such that each row of the primary view passes a variable to the embedded views so that all of the content for 2 different content types can be displayed based on their relationship with the contents of the primary view.

Table display of the primary view would look something like:

[view1: row1 content [view2: content related to row1] [view3: content related to row1] ]
[view1: row2 content [view2: content related to row2] [view3: content related to row2] ]

Module used:
Views Custom Field:

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view with multiple arguments not working - please help!


I am having some trouble getting a Views 2 argument to return what I want.

I working with Drupal 6.19 and all modules are up-to-date.

I am using the content_profile module to make a profile node for each user (public_profiles). And each user can create various types of nodes, one of which is called a Location.

I setup a block view to return nodes that are Locations, and I am trying to make that block view appear on the users public_profile node...

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