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Is There a Session Variables Module to Control Content Displays?

Unfortunately I am no longer in the Lehigh Valley, but I figure you guys may still be able to help me out! I am currently working on a site on my personal server for my job:

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Poner un botón que cree un nuevo nodo con el contenido de una variable

Buenas noches a todos!! ;-)

Me gustaría hacerles una pregunta, que debería ser fácil para quien sepa algo de programación en drupal :D

quiero poner un botón en la cabecera de una vista, que al pulsarlo coja la variable
(la que contiene el código generado por la vista)
y la inserte en un campo html de un nuevo nodo.

No debe ser muy dificil, no?
Pues no doy con la clave...

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How can I build a view that adds an alphabetical ID (A-Z) to each list item? so 1st item is #a, 2nd is #b, 3rd is #c, etc.???

Im trying to create a simple view that assigns #a-#z ID's to list items.
also does anyone know if its possible to load every 2nd and 3rd list item with an alternate (bigger) image?

Does anybody know how to make that happen?

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Any method for clearing unused values from the 'variable' table?

After a Drupal install has been used a while, the table 'variable' overflows with values set by various disabled modules or obsolete functions which do need clearing because variable_init() ( does that unfortunate step of caching all of the table, which then often causes sites to crash due to lack of PHP memory.

Module developers may choose to use functions alternative to variable_set() and variable_get() provided by but that does not solve the pollution in all the existing 'variable' tables.

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