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problema con hook_schema()

hola señores y señoras, tengo un problema con el hook_schema(), estoy creando un modulo para un sitio y necesito crear una tablar para guardar los datos, al activar el modulo no se porque pero no se esta creando la tabla, aqui les dejo el codigo:


function mymodule_install() {

function mymodule_uninstall() {

function mymodule_schema() {
$schema['mymodule'] = array(
'fields' => array(
'rid' => array(
'type' => 'int',

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Using the Data Taxonomy Module

I'm a newcomer to Drupal (about three weeks in) and I'm struggling a bit with using the Data module with Taxonomy. As a bit of background, I'm trying to develop a data reporting mechanism where, each value entered is associated with the deepest level of a taxonomy vocabulary. For example, a user would submit the number of cases closed during that quarter, disaggregated by Location > Department > Floor > Title. I originally started building this using CCK for data capture, and using node relationship to pull together my views for reporting.

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