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Chinese language website with RWD

Hi Group,

I am adding Chinese language into one of my website (Drupal 7.x) which has a responsive theme.

Can anyone give a reference to an existing Chinese language site which is responsive as well? Would like to see how well it fits into smaller viewports (iPhone, iPad, Android mobile/tablet devices).


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ESL Drupal Manager | English Exam Company

Employment type: 

Our USA publishing company, Publish on Demand Global, and our Beijing partner, Beijing United Glory Culture & Media Company are partnering with a number of school systems in Beijing and throughout China to provide ESL and Exam preparation online. We are seeking a Drupal manager? to help choose various modules and incorporate them into a functioning system that will track users, track tests, etc. Eventually we will need hosting in China. Consultants and vendors can apply as well as potential full time hires. Salary/pay is commensurate with ability.

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Converting English Drupal site to Chinese

We've done Spanish and Portugese multi-lingual Drupal sites, but now have a client that needs a stand-alone Chinese version of the Drupal site we built.

Anyone with experience in converting a Drupal site from English to Chinese?

May need some freelance help with this one.

Also looking to spin out a Korean and Japanese version, but these are much less of a priority.

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不过,首先须有尽多的亚太Drupal社群共同参与涉入。您们可以通过翻译及另外登载此通告在其他亚太Drupal使用者及社群有机会看到的网址。请勿忘了去 注意亚太DrupalCon会议组织者小组的任何翻译及转载,以便我们能够观察到进展情况,同时大家也能相互分享交流译文。

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Table "Node" Field "language"

Drupal 6.x. Table "node".

What should the value of the "language" field be if the displayed text is Chinese.

If a value is required, are there any other things that need to be done so that Chinese symbols are correctly displayed.

Any help appreciated.


ps. I've got a thread running at my site which I think this may be a part issue to it. As you can imagine it's becoming very confusing as all I see is either unicode or Chinese symbols (can't read Chinese).

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