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Drupal India: Communication Channels have been bridged

Hello Indian Drupallers,
This is to bring to your notice that IRC, Matrix Room and Telegram group of Drupal India communities have been bridged, that messaging in any platform will be shared to other platforms and you can chat with platforms you are comfortable with with no mandatory need to create accounts in other platforms.
Follow the discussion here at:

Thanks Ricardo Amaro (ricardoamaro) and Luís Pedro Algarvio (lpalgarvio) from Drupal Infra Staff, for all the help in bridging.

Join these platforms:

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PhpBB team are making an official Drupal Bridge

They have announced it here:
and it is a result of their experiences here:

I think whilst normally we want to improve the core forum module, this feels like it could be different. If the phpbb team are working on an official bridge they have the ability to change the code of phpbb itself to make it integrate generally. (Which they appear to be doing anyway).

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Bridge modules: writing versus distributing, and incompatible licences

I am not a lawyer. Item #10 of the licensing FAQ asks a particular question (my emphasis throughout):

10: Can I write a "bridge module" to interface between Drupal and another system or library?

but then goes on to answer a slightly different one (with specific regard to incompatible licences):

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