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A delicate sorting problem in Views

I have a Taxonomy Term Page rendered from Views.
I have nodes with two termreference fields linked to the same vocabulary.
The first is for “main category” and the second is for “related categorys”
The results are reported in a table.
When a user clicks on a category, I want that category in the top of “main category” column.
The "active" term should be placed at the top of the table.


table width="300px" >

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Views - Nodes ordenados por um term id especifico.

Boas Pessoal,

Gostaria de criar uma views node ordenada da seguinte forma, ex:

Product A = > Attached to Term 1
Product B = > Not attached to any term
Product C = > Attached to Term 2
Product D = > Attached to Term 1

Sorting : Todos os nodes relationados com o term 1 devem aparecer no topo dos resultados, todos os outros a seguir ordenandos alphabeticamente por exemple, obtendo:

Tentei utilisar:
relationship : Content: Taxonomy terms on node
sort criteria : (term) Taxonomy term: Weight (desc)

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Need advice on complex views sorting

I have a gmap/location view that creates a map and a list of results in a table, displaying details of nodes of a custom content type. There are three exposed filters for zip code (location), and two taxonomy fields. Right now it works fine for finding locations, but if I add a taxonomy term, only fields that exactly match the location and terms are displayed.

What I'd like to have is a fuzzier search, ordered by closest matches. The first taxo term would be the primary field, followed by location and the second taxo term.

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