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Alguien ha themeado con exito una view en Drupal 8?

Basándome en la api y el turorial que se vincula en los comentarios (de la api), logré que Drupal use mi versión custom de views-view-unformatted.html.twig, pero no logro que use mi versión custom de views-view-fields.html.twig

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Views GTFS Real Time Alerts module

I am starting work on a module to leverage Views to output a GTFS Real Time alert file, similar to how it outputs an RSS file. I've chosen to use Views so that the module will be agnostic to how the content type is put together on this site and can be contributed to the community for use by other Drupal-using transit agencies.

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Drupal modules that are successfully combined with Views

We can’t imagine Drupal without Views. Other modules can be combined with it to help you configure Views according to your website's needs. They extend the functionality of Views and add new useful features.

A review of modules that could be successfully combined with Views can be found in the blog post by our developer.

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Configure filter criterion for "This page override" and "All displays"

I've a view with multiple pages. I've 4 filter for each page in views. My question is Can we configure one filter to "This page override" and another to "All display"?

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views kategori listeleme resim sorunu


şuradaki (http://izmirwebdesign.com/aaa/ticaret-merkezleri) views'te content linkini veriyorum ama resimleri göster dememe rağmen resimleri göstermiyor(preview de de aynı şekilde)

views ayarlarım şu şekilde: http://i.hizliresim.com/gk1DoN.png
eksik yaptığım bir şey mi var, farklı tema ile de denedim ancak sonuç aynı.

ustalar bi yardım lütfen.

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Filter Criteriaには年休開始日、及び年休終了日を用意します。

検索条件に2月20日~2月25日 と入力したとき

2月19日~2月26日まで休みの人は 該当する


2月21日~2月24日までの人も 該当する
2月15日~22日までの人も 該当する
2月24日~2月26日までの人も 該当する



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Block alanında views gösterme sorunu

Selam arkadaşlar,
Drupal 7 bir sitem var.Burada views ile bazı listelemeler vs yaptım. Ayrıca fivestar da kurulu. Şimdi 8-10 tane ürün kategorisi var ve bunların altında fivestar ile kullanıcı dilediği puanı verebiliyor.
Ben de puanı 4-5 olanları listeletiyoum ve linki şu şekilde: /one-cikan-urunler

www.siteismi.com/one-cikan-urunler şeklinde siteye girince listeleme çalışıyor fakat ben bunu block sayfasında, sadece ana sayfa altında content alanında göstermek istiyorum ancak çıkmıyor.
eksik yaptığım nedir acaba?

views ayarlarım şu şekilde:


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Placeholders in vanilla panopoly

I've been searching for a way to pass placeholder url arguments (e.g. %argument, !argument, etc.) to views in unmodified Panopoly. I can't seem to when adding content using Panopoly's Content function (admin/content). On the other hand, I am able to pass arguments using configuration options found under the Page Manager interface (admin/structure/pages). Panopoly doesn't enable the standard Page Manager interface by default.

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Views - custon field handler

Hi Folks!

I need to create custom views field in my module. Basically it should behave like Node edit/delete field. I started with extending views_handler_field class and I can see and add my new field in views admin.

But when I add my new field to view - it don't display any values (empty).
My Code:

class views_handler_field_gift_delete extends views_handler_field {

render($values) {


Any ideas?

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A configurable content type plug-in to render any view

Our website will be making strong use of Views, Panels and Panelizer to provide a unique user experience. CTools already creates content types that can be used for Panels for every display for all the views.

I have created a small module that creates a CTools content type plug-in that is configurable and allows a content manager to select a specific view, select a specific display and define arguments if any.

Although it is somewhat duplicative of what views already provides, but sometimes I find it difficult to wade through all of those views.

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