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We're almost 100! Let's set the table...

What should we do to celebrate the 100 subscriber plateau? Should we have a party? Should we work on something? Seems like the sky's the limit in terms of amazing things we can do. What sorts of things would people like to accomplish, build and/or learn? Does this group contain mainly developers? Are there a lot of artists/musicians, people in related business'? How can we use Drupal to not only distribute, but filter and recommend music and art? Are there ways that art and music can help Drupal raise awareness and/or fund development (similar to public broadcasting)?

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Putting Pootle Online Translation Portal on Drupal.Org

Killes once pointed out that it would be worthwhile to use Pootle for translations. Pootle is an online translation management portal. The issue was delayed last year because of hardware issues. Is it the time to float it again? Or do we plan a Drupal-based online translation portal?

Drupal Israel / Drupal Hebrew Translation

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Action items

We had a discussion as part of GovCamp talking about multi-lingual issues and needs for Drupal.

  • Dries: review core patches
  • Dev Seed: set up demo, coders corner
  • Dev Seed: tell stories about situations we've been in -- site recipes, scenarios, use cases
  • Dev Seed: can make bandwidth to lead i18n
  • Boris: Google hand waving
  • Bart: write up a spec of English and Dutch
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