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Mark Pavlitski
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I have an interest in high availability and high performance web technologies.

As head of development, I oversee all major Drupal projects at Microserve, with a focus on code quality and performance.

I have experience managing mid-size development teams, managing workloads and providing technical direction across a wide range of successful web-based projects.


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Microserve Ltd.
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Microserve is a Drupal web development agency based in Bristol, UK, specialising in Drupal Development, Drupal Training, Hosting and Peer Reviews. We also have proven experience in a variety of other industry specific areas such as Responsive Design (Mobile) and SEO.

We are the largest Drupal specific agency in Bristol with a current total of 13 permanent developers and over 30 years of Drupal experience between them.

We provide medium to enterprise level Drupal solutions to a range of clients, and also work as the development team for a number of large non-specialist agencies who outsource their development.


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