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Dennis Sørensen
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I am educated as a Datatechnician and has worked with PHP, MySQL/MSSQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript since 2001. I have worked with SEO, GIT/SVN, GitHub, JIRA, Drupal 5,6,7 and 8 since 2006 and has worked both as a backend and/or frontend developer.


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Cooper Webdesign
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I have my own CVR/tax no. And has in the past year completed two major projects respectively. TV EAST (See my case here: https://www.cooper.dk/en/cases/tveast) and Region Zealand (See my case here: https://www.cooper.dk/en/cases/helbredsprofilen). Both solutions are made in Drupal 7 and are successfully completed now, so that is why I seek new challenges. I have the opportunity to work around 25 hours per week, freelance, offsite/remote (from my home office), hourly salery.

Cooper Webdesign has existed since 2006 and has for many years worked on developing digital solutions for both businesses and individuals. We have no specific target, as we believe that small customers are as important as major customers.


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