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Longsight, Inc
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Longsight supports and/or hosts opensource applications for Higher Educational Institutions and others. Specifically, Drupal portals and custom web apps, the Sakai LMS, and the DSpace digital repository software.

Some of our interesting Drupal projects are:

OHSU's Student Portal site that securely connecting students on 4 Campuses and in 4 Schools with 100s of degree programs and other grouping with news and resources input from 100s of content managers. This information flow is presented to student's based on their specific areas.

University and School level campus websites / portals.

Providing Drupal based e-commerce and open enrollment sites for courses delivered via Sakia.

Specialty needs such as helping StoryCorp create a Drupal based internal site for organizing and cataloging their massive number of recorded stories.

Creating and supporting the Wesleyan-Holiness Digital Library ( online library of "open source" document in a way that supports a multitude of languages both for resources and users.


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