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We create online places for communities.

Our holistic approach entails design, development and strategy for the conversion of 'space' to 'place;' where people become personally engaged with interfaces and each other through them - a process entailing constant exploration of new technologies and techniques.

In the world's largest social space, it is important to be able to articulate using a variety of media with an understanding of cutting edge technologies, tools and platforms. The Design Guru approach entails a commitment to leveraging the flexible scalability of Open Source Software (like OpenX, Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla) using seamless practices for social network integration and streaming media.

Our project incubator has supported Open Source communities for Joomla and Drupal with job boards, packaged software distributions and aggregated news services, whilst our Why Drupal blog offers insights we gain along the way.

Also, we’ve allowed creatives from all disciplines around the world to publish their portfolios online through our free hosted service and use video to relate a larger impression of the evolving media industry through our series.


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