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Claudio Luis Vera
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I’m a creative director that’s very active in the interactive community, with strong ties to Boston and Miami. I specialize in working with new technologies, interactive architecture and content management for very large sites, I’m also interested in the fields of accessibility and rich media, and have developed a practical set of working standards for site developers to meet these standards.

I have a strong passion for the environment. One of my goals is to bring about environmental change by improving the choices and reshaping the business forces that have led to our current situation. One of my pet ventures, The Metrics Project, looks at using an open-source approach to solve the problem of measuring and accounting for the effects of business an human activity on the environment.


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About studio:module

Studio:Module is a pioneer in the interactive field with agency offices in Boston and Miami. Our team includes best-of-breed creative types with experience ranging from online communities and video to branding and print.

Studio:Module combines sophisticated design with a pragmatic problem-solving approach, which has made it particularly adept at turning very complex information into simple, compelling user experiences.
The firm’s success with translating satellite communications – literally, rocket science – for Intelsat earned it a number of awards for that site alone.

Currently, Studio:Module is working with the MIT Media Lab to architect a much-awaited redesign of the Lab’s entire online presence. By matching a range of far-flung technologies to the needs and motivations of the Media Lab’s various constituencies, the Studio has been able to create a blueprint for a next–generation online community.

Studio:Module has been a forerunner in developing and delivering video and other rich media over the Web. The studio’s focus has turned to sites capable of handling hundreds of videos within a seamless user experience. A large number of the studio’s current sites involve entire libraries and playlists of video for the end user.

Sample sites in Drupal

HarvardScience - Together with Harvard’s Office of News and Current Affairs, Studio:Module developed a high-profile news site as an umbrella for all sciences at the university.
MIT Media Lab admissions site – this a precursor to the general redesign effort that the studio is developing jointly with the Lab.
EcoAlign – this is the site that launched a new and bold green marketing agency. The site and its research papers have generated an enormous amount of interest in the firm from analysts, prospects, and the media in a remarkably short period of time.


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