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module ROOMS

I have some problem when ever i am booking my rooms when its come to total page
EntityMetadataWrapperException: Unknown data property commerce_order_total. in EntityStructureWrapper->getPropertyInfo() (line 335 of C:\wamp\www\DEVBHOOMI\modules\entity\includes\entity.wrapper.inc).
this error is coming up what to do help me out

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Create a block using Drupal GUI

Log in to the website.
Navigate to "Structure" -> "Blocks" -> "Add Block"
Fill the empty fields and the necessary information:

Block Title: This is the title shown to the user. If you do not want to show any Title, write <none>
Block Description: This is a brief description of the Block visible on block listing page.
Block Body: Write the content of the block here.
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Post your small issues here

Hi all,
You can post your problems here and help each other to learn.:)

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