Based out of Idaho's Treasure Valley (Boise, Nampa, Caldwell) the Boise Drupal Users Group seeks to bring Drupal users together, encourage new users, share knowledge and best practices, and encourage users to give back to the larger Drupal community.

The Boise Drupal Users Group (BDUG) events can be found on the events page. If you have an idea for an event please set one up.

Monthly Meetups - Check out the event calendar for the upcoming meetups. Typically each meetup includes a presentation from one of our members and a book raffle.

Idaho Drupal IRC Channel - Connect with local Drupal folks in an instant-message format for mutual support and general banter.

Distributed Group Library - Drupal and development books donated by the community to share.

Lead sharing thread - Have a project you need help with, or you're looking for a project to fill an open slot? Post here.

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Drupal User Group?

Hiya folks

I just moved here from Portland where there is a thriving Drupal User Group Community, they have a monthly meetup for Drupalists/Drupalistas to get together, share stories, collaborate, teach each other tips and tricks, and it is a really great time. Would anyone here have any interest in attending/working with me to get the ball rolling for starting up a monthly, or even a one time meetup? It would be great to meet the people here working in Drupal. I find that this is also a great place for Drupal newbies to come and learn/get involved as well.

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Created #drupal-idaho Slack room

I've added a #drupal-idaho Slack room. Slack is a little richer than IRC, so if folks want to join in, do the following:

  1. Join the Drupal channel:
  2. Find the #drupal-idaho room and join it. I'll be there!


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