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Yet another implementation of Drupal Dockerized

Hi there.

I've been working on an implementation of a complete Drupal development environment using Docker and using all services per separate containers. It respects totally the Docker concept of having each service separated per container.

All services are built on top of the official Docker images.

All is required locally is Docker (with compose) and optionally Git, no PHP or other service installed locally.

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Drupal 7: Docker Compose with REDIS

Hi all,

I recently created a light-weight Docker Compose environment for Drupal 7. It is simple and easy to use. All info needed is in the repo Wiki.

Please check out the repo on Github and let me know thoughts and feedback. I am currently doing the same for Drupal 8 and will have it up soon.



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Drupal 8 scaffolding for Docker, leveraging composer

Would love feedback on my approach at scaffolding a Drupal 8 project for development and deployment...Drude and Bowline are interesting but both appear focused on D7 at the moment. My project below lacks CI, so far, but anyone with some time to play around with this, I'd appreciate your thoughts.

(There was a discussion about containerized development at the recent Denver meetup, so CC'ing that group as well.)

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DrupalCon LA Followup

There are two BoFs at DrupalCon LA:

So far there has been a lively discussion about docker and docker-related tools. In the first BoF session people agreed that we all would like to continue the conversation in a Drupal Group.

I can't remember all the Docker related projects that were mentioned so please add links. Here are a few:

Tools, helpers, config, etc:
- Docker Compose
- Bowline (Drupal focused dev docker scripts)
- Drude (Docker Compose based environment for Drupal)
- Drocker
- Kalabox

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