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Drupal 7: Docker Compose with REDIS

Hi all,

I recently created a light-weight Docker Compose environment for Drupal 7. It is simple and easy to use. All info needed is in the repo Wiki.

Please check out the repo on Github and let me know thoughts and feedback. I am currently doing the same for Drupal 8 and will have it up soon.



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php7 + memcache: stable?

We'd like to run our Drupal 7 sites with php7. The only trouble we have so far has to do with the PECL memcache(d) extensions - no stable release supporting php7 has been published yet:



  • The PECL/memcached package is being discussed in this issue where people are actively waiting for a stable release to move to php7 (some of them ended up moving to Redis because it was taking too long)
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    Implementing Couchbase vs Redis for Drupal 7 site with horizontal scaling

    We're ll the process of moving our Drupal 7 online app platform site to a major cloud provider that will include horizontal scaling (multiple nodes for Frontend as well as multiple nodes for MariaDB). We're now considering the optimal solution to scale caching.

    We are contemplating substituting standard memcache server with either internal Couchbase memcache server or Redis. The goal is to optimize performance of the site.

    We are also contemplating upgrading from php v5.4 to php7.

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    Experienced Senior Developer for Music Startup

    Senior Developer - Join our team

    Full-Time competitive salary plus equity options
    United Kingdom
    London or Norwich or remote working


    Join our groundbreaking Music-Tech Startup which has been receiving international recognition for its disruptive solution for the entertainment industry. “Best European Startup 2014” SXSW Hatch.

    We are looking for a highly motivated individual, passionate about cutting edge technology, with the drive to lead our tech team and steer our innovative product forward in this exciting new market space.

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    Web Engineer - Drupal / PHP | Hollister Staffing

    Employment type: 
    Not allowed

    Keys are: Drupal 7 Experience, Zend Framework, PHP. MongoDB and Redis a plus.

    Strong PHP skills is what client typically looks for and although it’s primary for this position this role is considered somewhat of a generalist. The group needs help with a legacy system update that is being done internally.


    • Bachelor’s Degrees (or above) in CS, Engineering, or a reasonable equivalent thereof.
    • Professional developing experience using 5.x PHP.
    • Advanced knowledge of modern PHP Frameworks (Zend Framework, Symfony, Code Ignitor).
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    Senior Customer Success Engineer | Pantheon

    Employment type: 
    Full time
    Not allowed

    Hey All - Pantheon is growing! We're looking to bring on someone with solid expertise with large-scale use-cases to help our customers succeed. This is a chance to join our crack team in our SF office and live the dream. If you're interested, you should go directly to Scott Massey, our Directory of Customer Success:

    Check out the full job description below.

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    Configuration of Redis for Drupal 6


    Right now I use +

    In my settings.php I put:

      $conf['cache_inc'] = 'sites/all/modules/cache_backport/';
      $conf['redis_client_interface']      = 'PhpRedis';
      $conf['cache_backends'][]            = 'sites/all/modules/redis/';
      $conf['cache_default_class'] = 'Redis_Cache';
      $conf['cache_prefix'] = 'prt_';

    It is OK? Or I can make it better?


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    Memcache or Redis for Drupal7 platforms? Or how to speed up registered users actions


    As i understand, D7 platforms have no built config for Redis & Memcached. Currenly 5.3 php has alredy extension, so It is possible to somehow enable them (and not to ruin config, of course)?

    Other related:

    Also, had anyone luck with D7 and authcache? Is it worth to rebuild theme templates?

    Entity cache - any benefit?...

    As for anonymous users, everything just flies!

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