DrupalCon Brussels 2006

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

This is the organizing group for DrupalCon and Euro OSCON "Dot Org Day" in September 2006.

The official dates for DrupalCon are Friday, September 22nd, 2006 and Saturday, September 23rd, 2006.

Use this space to discuss activities, shared accomodation, travel, and so on. Please see the DrupalCon site for full details.

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I want to nail down dates so we can start promoting and organizing around those dates.

  • EuroOSCON goes Sept. 18 - 21st.
  • Friday, the 22nd should be a full day DrupalCon
  • additional Drupal "stuff" -- especially coding related -- should run concurrently with BarCamp, Sat/Sun 23rd/24th

What do you think?

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Can we do it at the International Press Centre?

At barcamp Brussels we had an incredibly nice location with a wonderful atmosphere. There is no reason the reinvent the wheel so we (Dries, Ballie and I) got together with the main organizers (Peter and Bart). It would be great to have the conference over there and it seems possible. I just want to create this post to start work on getting the conference there, hope to hear more about the steps from Bart soon.

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Task 3: money

We need to rent a venue, pay for internet access, coffee, water, refreshments, etc. We could also use some money for t-shirts (or other Drupal swag) and the occasional free beer (as in "free beer", this time). It would be nice if some people could focus on getting us a budget to work with (and what sponsorship plans we can offer), so other can focus on securing a venue, hotels, etc. There is never too much money, so even if it turns out we don't need a lot of money at all, I'm sure that is can be spent! ;)


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Task 2: finding a venue

Based on the discussion in this posting the main focus of this year's DrupalCON should be coding. We want to get stuff done. We don't want to listen to presentations.

At the same time I don't think we should impose limits on what can and cannot be done. Let's try not to lock people out. If some people want to do presentations, why not? I, for one, would be happy to give people an introduction to Drupal, or to spend 15 minutes explaining the CCK. Training new Drupal users, and getting Drupal developers up to speed is important too. Given enough rooms, it shouldn't get in the way of all the hacking.

So, it looks like we need a venue with several rooms. Given enough rooms, people can schedule a room to have meetings, to talk to potential customers, to provide Drupal training, to do ad-hoc presentations (BarCamp style, no advance schedule) or whatnot without disturbing those who want to write code or fix bugs.

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Task 1: finding conference organizers

As Boris mentioned, I won’t be able to take a lead in organizing this year’s European DrupalCON.

What’s more important than a particular focus, schedule or venue, is finding two or more people who will be the official conference organizers. Without some people “pushing the cart”, it will be very difficult to move forward.

In short: the first task is to find people willing to organize this DrupalCON and to make them the “official organizers”.

(If necessary we can reward the organizers? They get to be a sponsor of the conference (free advertising)? Or we could ask attendees to pay a modest fee which would go directly to the organizers? Just thinking up loud.)

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DrupalCon vs. SuperHappyDrupalHouse

When I was recently down in the Bay Area, I connected with some Drupal folks and talked about planning for upcoming activities.

Since our last "con" was in North America, if we follow previous series, then the next one should be in Europe.

My personal current plans around this are to organize a DrupalCon around BarCamp Brussels / EuroOSCON 2006 in Brussels. Dries is presenting in Brussels, and Colin Brumelle just got word that his talk on "Music 2.0" has also been accepted.

The "cons" generally are a mix of developer and user work, and we've had lots of presentation-style content. Coding tends to be limited to (sometimes very successfull) hallway and hotel hacking. I think the timing and place of DrupalCon Brussels is probably a good one, but how do we make sure we get some fun hacking in?

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Euro OSCON 2006

2006-09-18 09:00 - 2006-09-21 18:00 Europe/Brussels

O'Reily's Euro OSCON 2006, the second annual event in Europe.

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