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This group is about the development of the Drupal Ethereum module.

Collect and discuss user stories about why and how Drupal should connect to Ethereum Blockchain which allows to program Smart Contracts.

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Roadmap Scopes for Drupal Ethereum Module

Scope 1

Scope 1 for Drupal Ethereum Module will provide basic functionality to "Connect Drupal-and-Ethereum" wia a simple SmartContract.

  • ✔ Remove unlicensed dependency on ethereum-php-lib
  • ✔ Enable Blockchain Data-Pulling functionality for Drupal Backend
    • Integrate a Guzzle compatible fork of ethereum-php () and implement basic Blockchain data-retrival functionality
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Ethereum blockchain based voting with drupal

Some organisations are responsible to their members and looking forward to implement trusted workflows where their members can perform tasks like voting for boards, donations or on found spending.

Using Ethereum Blockchain in the semi-decentralized age combined with Drupal I see a great potential implementing such workflows.

I wrote a use case in my blog and would love to get anyone interested involved into the discussion.

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