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Bricks 8.x-1.3 just released!

Bricks 8.x-1.3 just released!

Draggable Entity tree, Inline Entity Form, Revisions and Paragraphs support!

Bootstrap 4 (!) support as a separate module!

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In-place configuration for Drupal - Inside-out approach

Hi Usability Group members !

I wish to get your help regarding a contrib project (and potentially a DDD Milan presentation).

I wish to explore what Dries usually calls Outside-In approach (I tend to rather like in-place administration as a name but OK!).

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Add favorite/heart toggle and user rating to module contrib page

Hello Everyone,

I'm not sure where the best place to ask this question is - so forgive me if this isn't the best place. Has a discussion already been started about improving upon the current module page? If so can you kindly point me to it?

If not, what do you guys think about adding a favorite/heart toggle feature and user rating feature to module contrib page?

I use a similar feature on ( and ( to save and organize modules that I come across while searching for themes/plugins.

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New admin menu/navigation paradigm


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Why admin menu module is still not included in the Drupal core?

I found and loved admin menu module during Drupal 6 ages.
This module became so popular and I was sure that it will be included in Drupal 7 core.

The main strong point of admin menu that we can open any level of Drupal admin in one click.

But now I can see that admin menu is not even in Drupal 8 core.


I'm sure that it is sufficient reason to include it in Drupal core.


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Seven Style Guide update

A few months ago in February we proposed a style guide for the Seven theme, we are now well underway. This is a recap and look ahead.

The objectives of the Style Guide are:

  • Identify Drupal core values that we can use to determine the look & feel for the Seven theme.
  • Unify the visual language in Seven and ensure the overall look-and-feel supports the core values.
  • Identify the visual and UI patterns used by Drupal core so that they form a conscious, shared language for us to built upon.
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Field embedding input filter

It allows you to embed node fields (images, videos, files and any others) right in the node body using a simple inline tag: [fieldname:items|position].



  • fieldname — machine name of a field
  • items (optional) — index of item (or range of items)
  • position (optional) — 'default', 'center', 'left' or 'right'

All following constructions are supported:

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    WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) BOF in Portland

    2013-05-22 01:00 - 05:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Event type: 
    User group meeting


    The movement towards semantic data

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    Proposal: A Style Guide for Seven

    This style guide proposal for Drupal 8 core and contributed modules is intended to help shape and direct administrative UI development, with the goal being a theme- and brand-consistent administrative user experience. This node introduces design element proposals and related discussion. The evolution of the project can also be followed at:

    Meta issue:
    Related issues:

    Motivation and Principles

    At this point in the Drupal 8 development cycle many additions and changes have been made to Drupal’s administrative user interface, and more will be required as new features are completed. The existing changes have been completed in relative isolation from each other. Although each change and addition has been a step in the right direction, the result is a UI that lacks consistency.

    This is largely for lack of a guidebook for Drupal’s admin UI. Even though great, coherent UX work was done for Drupal 7, and we have functional UI standards, there remains no central guide for the visual conventions used in Drupal’s core admin theme, Seven. We need something to help us maintain visual consistency when changing and extending the UI. We need a style guide for Drupal’s default admin theme.

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    Drupal SBUI Collaboration Platform now open

    Hi Everyone,

    I know, its been rather quiet from us since the announcement of the Drupal SiteBuilding Usability Initiative some two+ weeks ago. Well, BADCamp got in the way and Michael and Doug was busy mingling with all the amazing Drupalers there for starters. While they where doing that, I spent my time learning and configuring Open Atrium as we have chosen it as our collaboration platform for Drupal SBUI.

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