How to become a member of Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD)

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Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD) has an online presence in a lot of places but one of the ways to become a member is by joining the Greater Los Angeles Drupal group here on Drupal Groups (also called, or "GDO" for short):

From this page, or any page on the Drupal Groups site

Create an account:

  1. If you are not logged in and see a Log in / Register link at the top of the page, create a new account by going to

  2. Fill out the form with your desired username and email address and click the "Create new account" button. (Ignore any events in the "Event signup" fieldset. These are shown due to a configuration bug on the Drupal Groups site.)

If you are logged in already and there is a "Logged in as <your username>" tab at the top of the page, just go directly to Join Greater Los Angeles Drupal at and confirm your membership.

Confirm your email address:

  3. Check your email and click the one-time login link in the email message sent to you from

  4. When you open that link in a browser and click the "Login" button, you will be logged in with your new account. You're almost done!

Set your password:

  5. Set your password immediately on at (or else you may not be able to log in again without requesting another one-time login link).

Join the Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD) group:

  6. Join the Greater Los Angeles Drupal group by clicking the "Join" link at or go directly to  

That's it! As a member of the Greater Los Angeles Drupal community, you can participate in discussions, post job announcements, send direct messages to people (via the "contact" tab on their profiles), vote on other member's posts and comments, schedule and RSVP for local events, and more.

Invite your friends and colleagues

You can send an invitation email to join Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD) here on Drupal Groups to your friends and colleagues by clicking the "Invite friend" link found in the sidebar. The direct URL for this invitation webform is:

You may invite up to 10 people at a time. Please do not abuse this invitation webform or your privileges to use this website may be limited or removed by the Drupal Groups webmasters. (To report abuse, see the Drupal Groups issue queue at

Configuring your notification settings

One of the things you'll immediately notice is that you'll be receiving a lot of email from our group: event announcements, job positions, wiki pages, polls and other discussions. To configure hourly, daily or weekly digests, etc., or to turn notifications off entirely, go to your user account at and click the "Notifications" tab.

Beneath the "Notifications" tab is a "Subscriptions" sub-tab. This is where notifications can be configured per content type, per group, per author, and so on. One possible configuration is to subscribe to just job positions and event announcements but not wiki pages or discussions.

Here's an example of all content types being enabled, which is the default:

configuring notifications on
(Click for a larger version of the image.)

Elsewhere online

Greater Los Angeles Drupal can also be found elsewhere:

Drupal-friendly Coworking Spaces

Droplabs is a collaborative hackerspace and coworking space located in Downtown Los Angeles. Founded by Los Angeles-area entrepreneurs and Drupal community members, Droplabs is a popular venue for Drupal coworking and events.

Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD)

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