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Well Magento Commerce is now very well known as being one of the best Open Source eCommerce solution. While we (at Adyax - were playing since a while with it, we noticed that Magento leaks of CMS Features. I wish share here our experience, and invite you to post here any of your ideas / code snippets or anything else offering better integration of Magento & Drupal.

You can now check out the magento project here !! :

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Drupal Subscription/Membership Site Solution Architect | FCF

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

We have been looking at Infusionsoft for CRM/Recurring Billing management, for a new site we have just started building, and it has just been suggested that Ubercart or Magento might satisfy most or all of our needs.

So, we’re looking for understanding the capabilities of Ubercart and Magento, from someone who has been there and done that -- for our business model.

Or, someone really familiar with Infusionsoft if that’s the route we wind up taking.

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PHP Drupal Developer | NorthPoint Digital

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

PHP Drupal Developer

If you want to revolutionize the way people build, manage and use websites, you will find no better place to work than here.

Our NY and Boston offices are seeking professionals who have a passion for delivering killer web and mobile experiences while wowing customers.

What We Do: We couple our deep understanding of Drupal with specific domain and vertical market experience. Our experts have worked on some of the largest and most highly-trafficked Drupal sites available today and have scaled sites to handle over 150,000,000 page views a month.

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New organizer needed?

As per the guidance here, I am opening up discussion about replacing the organizer of this group.

There have been two posts since May 2011 in this group -- both of which have been this month, and one of which was my post about the Magento module no longer being supported.

I don't know if the entire Drupal/Magento team at Adyax got hit by a bus or something, but it seems as if all their efforts stopped mid last-year.

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Drupal Magento module now unsupported

In an attempt to get some movement on the Drupal Magento project, I've queried the maintainers to see whether they're still active and have thus far gotten no response. As a result, I've asked the website maintainers to mark the project as unsupported -- there hasn't been any movement in the issue queue in what is approaching close to a year, the Drupal 6 version is really stale and a Drupal 7 version seems nowhere near completion. See:

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D7 and Magento 1.7 Integration

For past one month i have been working on integration of D7 and Magento 1.7.

It includes
User registration is thru D7 and it adds the D7 user as a customer in Magneto from D7.
Sign-in is thru D7. At the time of sign-in it should sign into Magento as well.
Show the category and products from Magento in D7 nodes, inside content and as blocks

Out of this
Point 1 is achieved
Point 2 is also achieved using Rules module.But i want to redo it using coding inside D7 which i continually fails to my dismay
Point 3 is also achieved

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PHP / Magento Software Developer - Full-Time (Portland, OR) | EdgeLink

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Full time
Not allowed

We are seeking a Mid-Senior Level Software Engineer (PHP, Magento) to join a creative team working on client's e-commerce sites. You will be working as part of a team to build new PHP applications as well as maintaining and updating currently built sites. This is a fast paced environment where the focus is on customer delivery and product development. We are passionate about the work as well as writing good code. You must be a self-starter and able to work without supervision but still be able to collaborate with others when necessary.

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SSO: Sign into Drupal, be authenticated in Magento?

I'm not clear if the Magento module provides single sign on for Drupal and Magento. Ideally we'd love for all of our customers to sign in with Drupal, and be authenticated in both Drupal and Magento. Is this possible?

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Magento integration Joomla up and coming?

It seems that there will be an integration with Joomla planned operational as per july.

See attached link (site is in Dutch, but interview is in English):

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Hello. I'm jung.

We just open magento powered ecommerce site,

Please check it out and give some feedback.

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How manage Magento orders from Drupal ?

Big problem we're facing right now is that Magento have no core API for managing orders. Is it not possible also to set up any SSO solution to avoid Drupal / Magento double login. Any ideas or suggestions ?

We're actually planning to write some modules for Magento, but if you have quicker solution, ... :)

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Magento API for Drupal : Users & Customers management

Requirement U1 : create/update/delete a Magento customer when a Drupal user has been created/updated/deleted.

One way synchronisation is supported only as Magento is used as a backend solution ? Or should be support two-ways user accounts synchronisation.
Open question : how to manage user profile fields mapping between Magento & Drupal ?

Magento part

Magento API defines following methods to manage customers on their interface :

Create customer
Return: int

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A few samples

Hi - been using Magento paired with Drupal on client sites for several months now. I would agree with the voters below that it is totally lacking CMS functionality and an API level integration between Drupal/Magento would be idea.

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How do you think we should integrate Magento ?

Theme inclusion / IFrame
0% (0 votes)
SSO & Redirect
13% (4 votes)
API Level (a set of modules requesting Magento Commerce trough it's API)
73% (22 votes)
Using eCommerce modules set
3% (1 vote)
Using Ubercart modules set
10% (3 votes)
Total votes: 30
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