Drupal Drinks Sydney

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2010-11-16 17:30 - 19:30 Australia/Victoria
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I will be in Sydney for a few days this week for meetings and a Horizontally Scaling Drupal workshop. There are a few people who have indicated that they would like to catch up for a drink. Rather than coordinate everyone, I will post it here as an open invitation. If you're intro Drupal and want to have a relaxing beer and possibly a Drupal geek chat then you're welcome.

Venue: Lord Nelson


My vote is to drink

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My vote is to drink at Lord Nelson http://www.lordnelsonbrewery.com/

This is a great place down in The Rocks.

Mick Pollard


The Horizontally Scaling

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The Horizontally Scaling Drupal workshop will start tomorrow,
today is the last day to buy the tickets.


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