Looking for volunteers for Drupal Developer Days Brussels

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We are looking for motivated volunteers that can help organizing the Drupal Developer Days Brussels that take place February 4 - 6, 2011. http://bxl2011.drupaldays.org . This is a free event which aims at fostering the Drupal software and its community.

The current organizing team consist of a small band of talented volunteers, but to make this event shine we need help from much more people.

Volunteers with all kind of profiles are welcome. Currently we are looking for people that can help by:

  • Getting sessions on video
  • Writing copy for the website
  • Designing presentation slides
  • Designing & carrying out vector print work (Illustrator / Inkscape)
  • Designing website banners
  • Drawing a vector map of the area (Illustrator / Inkscape)
  • Looking for catering
  • Helping with the programme
  • Being a general nuisance that comments on intranet content
  • Designing t-shirts
  • Organizing a codesprint
  • Being ground staff during the event
  • Contributing drupal event expertise
  • Contributing financial expertise
  • Contributing organizational expertise
  • Contributing marketing expertise
  • Contributing design expertise
  • Contributing any expertise

All help will be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact me via
* http://bxl2011.drupaldays.org/contact or
* http://drupal.org/user/22175 or
* twitter: @batigolix

Hope to hear from you,

Boris Doesborg
Member of the Organizing Team
Drupal Developer Days Brussels 2011


Design T-shirts

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I would love to design the t-shirts ! I have done some previous t-shirts for Drupal camp Gent : http://kristoforts.be/featured.html
I'm the designer at Krimson in Antwerp, Belgium. I might also be able to help out with other design work.

Drupalcamp Ghent T-shirts

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The T-shirts @ drupal camp Ghent were awesome! You definitely got my vote!


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At #feweb10 I met Dimitri n Heucke, he has been active in the adobe UG and would like to help in organizing DDD.
I will Invite him to IRC and OA.

Belgian Drupal User Group lover - http://drupal.be

i mailed both kristof and

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i mailed both kristof and dmitiri about how they can further help us

Can I still contribute in any

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Can I still contribute in any way?

Yes! you can Send me a mail

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Yes! you can

Send me a mail and I'll update you

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