Looking for a Drupal "Evangelist"

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I work for Georgia State University as a web developer. We are currently in the process of evaluating new CMS options, as our current CMS is outdated and approaching the end of its product life. Drupal has been proposed as an option, and I am a strong advocate of it. However, there are some major concerns with whether it is "robust enough", "secure", and other such things. The webmasters and IT folk are requesting that we have a "sales rep" from each vendor come and make a presentation. However, as Drupal is an open source system, that's going to be pretty challenging. I was wondering if any of you know whether there are any "Marketing" materials out there for Drupal that I could present, or if there are any web consulting firms in Atlanta with extensive Drupal experience that might be willing to send someone out with the expectation that they could be hired to help with our implementation of Drupal university-wide if it is decided on as the system of choice.

Cory Watson



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A company based in Atlanta that is a very big drupal advocate is mediacurrent (http://www.mediacurrent.com). They have done many very big, very robust, and very secure drupal sites over the years, and also give back to the community. I would be more then willing to draw something up for you, but mediacurrent has several sites that are tried and tested (autotrader.com) to fit the bill.

would be glad to help...

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@bmarti44 - thanks for the kind words...appreciate that.

Hello Cory,
Let me know if we can assist - I do have quite a bit of marketing collateral that helps highlight the advantages of Drupal to the higher-ups in an organization. We have actually worked with UGA and Emory on several Drupal-based initiatives as well.

You can reach me at dave dot terry at mediacurrent dot com




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...that what he said

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Cory, I second that vote for Mediacurrent, as they are by far the most robust Drupal shop here in Atlanta, and I'm sure Dave has some great marketing materials to share. Also, I want to point you to a good recent blog post (link below) from Dries Buytaert, which he targets to those IT folks who may still be concerned about "robust enough". Good luck!


Cory, I hope you've been able

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I hope you've been able to move forward with Drupal success at Georgia State. I work for Acquia and live in the Atlanta area. If you need any more help with presentations or evangelizing, I'd be glad to help out.

Also, Georgia Tech is using Drupal heavily if you'd like to make that connection with the folks at GSU.

Erik Webb

Technical Consultant
Acquia, Inc.

We're currently developing

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Our new website on Drupal at Columbia International University. I've been the main pusher for this move, even though we evaluated a few other options.

The learning curve at first seemed steep, but we've overcomed that. Drupal is a great system to use for an University website, in my opinion.

Our preview site is at http://new.ciu.edu to see what we've done.


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