Features Selector

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Just finished a module whose main purpose is to maintain a map of existing Drupal UI form elements responsible for setting or listing something that could be exported to a feature related to its particular features components. It then displays a widget in that place for selecting to which feature this component is intended to belong.

Mainly functional for selecting which variables you want to export to a feature if you don't know which strongarm component that was you changed in the form you just submitted. At this time it works only with Features, but i see possibilities of other uses and the API is capable of that. Selecting whatever in the Drupal UI for other modules.

Your feedback wanted.


If this does what I think it does, big thanks!

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I'll test when I have some time.

From the looks of it this is a module that you would only use on your dev environment, right?

Yes, at this moment i say

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Yes, at this moment i say yes. Don't know about the future, but probably yes too.

This is great! Very helpful,

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This is great! Very helpful, thanks!!