Drupal 7: Maintenance Mode

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I updated my site where I play with Drupal to v7 today and it says the site is under maintenance. I didn't put it in maintenance mode. Any ideas how I can get into it when it's saying this in my admin page?

I also have this:

    * Notice: Undefined variable: body_classes in include() (line 19 of /.../drupal/sites/all/themes/zeropoint/maintenance-page.tpl.php).
    * Notice: Undefined variable: footer_message in include() (line 109 of /.../drupal/sites/all/themes/zeropoint/maintenance-page.tpl.php).



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try http://yoursite.com/?q=user that should bypass you to the login screen. you can leave your site in maintenance mode and access it this way. typically thats what i do when im working on sites for other people. you can also configure that page to say whatever you want.

if you are using clean urls you can just go to /user

Maintenance Mode - can't access site

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That just gets me 4 more error messages.

Did you try changing the

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Did you try changing the maintainence status via the database?

Drupal Database

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No, I have never gone into the database with Drupal.

I would what kristat

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I would what kristat suggests.
do not worry about the notices, they should not prevent from working on your site.

What do you get if you try the following url: http://yoursite.com/?=admin?

Results: When I try http://yoursite.com/?=admin

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I get two sets of error messages. I have it under a subdirectory of my site as a place to play with Drupal. I don't have it running my site or any client sites right now. I'm trying to get back into learning about Drupal so am essentially a beginner.

Site under maintenance
Error message

    * Notice: Undefined variable: body_classes in include() (line 19 of /.../drupal/sites/all/themes/zeropoint/maintenance-page.tpl.php).
    * Notice: Undefined variable: footer_message in include() (line 109 of /.../drupal/sites/all/themes/zeropoint/maintenance-page.tpl.php).
    * Notice: Undefined index: include_file in menu_execute_active_handler() (line 498 of /.../drupal/includes/menu.inc).
    * Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, 'user_page' was given in menu_execute_active_handler() (line 501 of /.../drupal/includes/menu.inc).


Error message

    * Notice: Undefined variable: body_classes in include() (line 19 of /.../drupal/sites/all/themes/zeropoint/maintenance-page.tpl.php).
    * Notice: Undefined variable: footer_message in include() (line 109 of /.../drupal/sites/all/themes/zeropoint/maintenance-page.tpl.php).
    * Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /.../drupal/includes/common.inc:2561) in drupal_send_headers() (line 1040 of /.../drupal/includes/bootstrap.inc).
    * PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'queued' in 'where clause': SELECT * FROM {aggregator_feed} WHERE queued = 0 AND checked + refresh < :time AND refresh != :never; Array ( [:time] => 1300197224 [:never] => 0 ) in aggregator_cron() (line 313 of /.../drupal/modules/aggregator/aggregator.module).

How long ago have you

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How long ago have you installed this test site?
It might be that something is changed in the core and/or some module and it broke the installation.
The first error message is saying that the menu module is trying to call a function (user_page) and it is not able to find it.

Do you have any important data in it? If not, I would suggest to do a fresh installation.

Hope this helps

Yeah I'm about ready to just

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Yeah I'm about ready to just delete it and start over. Nothing important there.

Did you follow the upgrade path from D6?

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or is this a fresh install? The errors seem to indicate undefined vars in the theme, and from the aggregator module. It's going to continue to throw PHP errors until you eliminate the source of the problem.

If you've upgraded from 6 but not disabled contrib modules and themes, Drupal could be trying to access variables or functions from D6 that aren't there anymore or have changed. Did you upgrade the theme and module code too? You need to fully remove the d6 versions from sites/all and put the D7 versions in. You may want to try disabling everything contributed and seeing if that works.

The flag for clean URL's is in the variable table as 'clean_url'. It's a serialized array. Value should be s:1:"0"; for off and s:1:"1"; for on.

Modules and themes are in the system table. Setting status to 0 is disabled, 1 is enabled.

This is an older install. I

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This is an older install. I forget how old it is. Several months old. I haven't touched it in about 4 months.

D7 stuck in maintenance mode -get 500 server error

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I tried to put my site into maintenance mode and it's stuck there while I get an internal server error 500 when I try to go to q=user or admin. Tried both https and http versions with similar results. Tried a restart of apache and no luck- the other sites on the server are fine. I did nothing, I was just trying to see if this function would work since I've had this trouble before. Arrgh....hope someone can help?!

problem solved...

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since ctools is still in beta, I think the root of the issue may be there- I ended up uncommenting a few lines in index.php and reloaded/ replaced ctools and panels- problem solved for now

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In our system, authentication is handled by the University third party service, so I was horrified to discover after logging out while the site was still in maintenance mode, I could not log in again because I could not be redirected to the University login screen from the site in maintenance mode.

I turned off maintenance mode in the sites/settings.php file with

$conf['maintenance_mode'] = FALSE;

Then I was able to log in. I removed the line from settings.php, turned off maintenance mode in the admin, and I was good to go.

Hope this helps someone!

Maintenance mode

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to: decibel.places

I can't thank you enough for your post of

$conf['maintenance_mode'] = FALSE;

This bailed me out from start my drupal7 site all over.
I got into the maint. mode and couldn't get out of it because I couldn't log in as administrator.

So, big thanks.

I'm new to Drupal. I've been a developer for my entire over 30 years.
I'm turned on over Drupal. I hope to gain knowledge and become a useful
member in the Drupal community.


Drupal 7 use - /user/login

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I'm not sure if this is a new D7 thing or not, but everywhere I've looked said to use '/user' (or some variation). This doesn't work in Drupal 7! But this will -> www.yourdrupal7site.com/user/login - hope that helps someone :)


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Many thanks joshintosh that helped me log in after I brought my site from the shared host onto my XAMPP local site.

Thank you!

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I did what decibel.places did: Temporarly put "$conf['maintenance_mode'] = FALSE;" in my settings.php file, worked fine and I could log in again.


i cant log in my site

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any body who can help me from this error..........i cant log in as admin even users cant log in...........when i try to load the homepage the site says its under maintainance mode and when i try to log in i get the error below........help please

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/home/quassere/public_html/modules/currency/currency/ctools/plugins/export_ui/currency.inc' (include_path='.:/opt/php54/lib/php') in /home/quassere/public_html/modules/ctools/includes/plugins.inc on line 477
the site is quasserer.com