Drupal color swatches for Adobe Creative Suite software

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If you find yourself needing the official Drupal logo colors for your favorite Adobe design software then download free color swatch sets. Color swatches for Adobe Fireworks/Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and even InDesign are available for download for free.

Download the Drupal color swatch sets for Adobe software at XTND.US.

Fireworks (and Dreamweaver)
Only local images are allowed.

Photoshop (and InDesign)
Only local images are allowed.

Only local images are allowed.

Only local images are allowed.

Download either the ZIP file that has all the color swatches for all Adobe design products, or download the swatch file for your application. Note: InDesign users should download the two Photoshop swatch files, but we think you may only use the ASE file.


XTND Returns 404 for Color Swatches

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The link to the color swatches is returning a 404 error, and I can't seem to find it anywhere on XTND's website. I'd love to throw official color swatches at my designer, but will make do with the colors listed on the Druplicon page.

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