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Which CMS-es do you compete with?

Pitches, don't we love 'em. Many times we are in competition with other CMS-es. Personally, i often hear Sitecore for the larger enterprise solutions and WordPress for the generic publishing platforms. Every now and then we come across Typo3 (especially in Germany). Which CMS-es do you encounter in pitches and what are your compelling 'selling' arguments to choose for Drupal?

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Sr. Drupal Developer (Boulder) | High Country Technology Partners, LLC

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

High Country Technology Partners, LLC is a boutique technology staffing firm based in Denver, CO with staffing practices IT Consulting & IT Placement. Our goal is to understand our knowledge workers' goals and build a bridge to their most rewarding projects and positions.
Position: Senior Software Developer (Drupal)
Term: Permanent

Job Summary:
The senior software developer will have primary responsibility for researching, designing, developing, implementing, tracking, maintaining, and updating internal and external facing functionality and all other software development projects, working independently and as a member of the Technology & Delivery team. The senior software developer is also responsible for reviewing all templates, applications, and tools for conformity with house and company style, standards, and formatting. This person will also organize incoming development projects and prioritize project elements with the Software Development Manager and the Vice President of Technology & Delivery, as well as our internal and external customers, in such a way that deadlines are met and the web functionality, applications, and tools delivered are the best quality possible.

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Graphics Designer | Puget Sound internet

Employment type: 

We are building a team to offer mobile web design and application development to select industries such as restaurant, automotive, small business, entertainment, services-based businesses and eCommerce.

Specifically we would like to design and develop some custom themes for our demo sites which we can sell to multiple clients with a bit of customization.

We also need a designer that can offer original, creative designs for our clients that pay extra for design services.

As soon as funding goes through, this will turn into full-time employment.

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Adobe CSnextLA Sunday, June 10th

First off, this is not a Drupal-specific event. It is for Adobe's new release of CS6, Creative Cloud and their Touch Apps. I recognize some of you are FOSS purists and if this post offends you in some way, please feel free to down-vote it if you want.

On the other hand, I believe other members of the Drupal community use Adobe tools for media creation and may find this interesting.

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Brainstorming for Adobe (Omniture) Test&Target integration

I haven't seen any sign of an official Test&Target integration for Drupal. Having one would be very useful. Here are my initial thoughts on how it could work.

Here's the API and integration guide:

  1. You can have MBoxes to replace whole pages. This is handy for testing different splash or landing pages. Drupal integration could offer you the chance to put 2 or more paths in and then render access to any of them as a test.
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Front-end Web Developer | Ixia

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed


Bangalore, Karnataka


The successful candidate will help on building a next-generation multilingual web platform using Drupal CMS, from the development phase to the final product. Other responsibilities include the ability to support the maintenance, development, and enhancement of existing websites.

If you want to be part of an enthusiastic, fast growing international top-gun team, please apply or send your CV at rdatta | at | Please add to subject the name of the position you are applying for.

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Adobe MAX 2009 conference in Los Angeles, California

Adobe's annual MAX conference is taking place this October 4-7th in Los Angeles, CA. I will be presenting three Drupal related sessions at this conference for Adobe. Most of my sessions show people how to customize Drupal 6 through themes, modules, and its administration. My sessions are 1-1.5hrs, with one session being a lab (BYOL: Bring Your Own Laptop Lab).

Adobe MAX is a paid conference, and has something like over 200 sessions. Early bird discount still available (as of this writing).
Only local images are allowed.

My sessions are:

  • Customizing Drupal Using Dreamweaver - skill: Beginner - Learn how to install Drupal, a robust, full-featured web content management system, and publish your first pages. You'll be guided through common designer workflows using Drupal and learn how to customize Drupal theme templates. When this lab is complete, you'll be able to take your new skills back to work and be more productive.
  • Exploring Web Content Management Systems from a Designer's Perspective - skill: Beginner - Watch an expert guide you through a selection of today's popular web content management systems and learn which one is right for you. This session will include detailed demonstrations of WordPress, Drupal, and the Adobe InContext Editing service in action, covering installation and publishing.
  • Learn to Rock Drupal Using Dreamweaver - skill: Beginner - Explore the functionality of Drupal from a designer's perspective while learning about the most common workflows. Learn how to integrate Drupal with Dreamweaver and how to use Creative Suite 4 Web Premium to customize Drupal theme templates.

I have presented at MAX before, and attended twice. This conference is huge. Last year 5,000 attendees ran around chatting Flash, Flex, AIR, Photoshop, After Effects, everything Adobe. One of the new things Adobe has done at MAX is run un-conferences inside the main conference building. Last year there were four un-conferences going on all week inside MAX, adding to the already hundreds of sessions. This year I am involved with the Web CMS theme of the conference, promoting Drupal & PHP. Some of you know my Drupal Dreamweaver extensions and Theme Starter desktop software, so I am glad to be exclusively covering Drupal in my talks this year. One session covers the different approaches in Web CMS software like Wordpress & Drupal. For that session I will be sharing the stage for that session with a Wordpress counterpart. I hope that session turns into a feature flinging match as it'll help me get caught up with Wordpress limitations.

I'd like to promote the MAX conference to the Drupal community, and at the same time ask who is already planning to attend. We can meet up and rep Drupal together.

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New article: Building Drupal Zen sub-themes with Dreamweaver CS4

The third article in my Drupal series for is out now. This article covers Drupal Zen Sub-Themes, including Dreamweaver tip(s) when working with Drupal themes.

"When asked why I would recommend the Zen theme versus a core theme such as Garland, I answer, Zen was built to be a seed for your tree—you plant the seed, water it, and watch it grow! Garland looks nice, but is not documented well and has custom page template code that should not appear elsewhere. In short, Garland is just not right as the basis for a theme; the Zen theme is."

Read the article now at

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Chris Charlton's picture Drupal article: Using Drupal themes with Dreamweaver CS4

The second article in my Drupal series for is out now. This article covers Drupal Themes, Dreamweaver tip(s) when working with Drupal, and shows off the Drupal Theme Starter desktop software.

"Understand the fundamentals of a Drupal theme and how Dreamweaver CS4 helps designers produce these themes."

Read the article now at

<a href="

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When theming, do you use the "slices" feature of Photoshop/Fireworks?

I use Photoshop, and use the slice tool
28% (13 votes)
I use Photoshop, and do NOT use the slice tool
30% (14 votes)
I use Fireworks, and use the slice tool
19% (9 votes)
I use Fireworks, and do NOT use the slice tool
6% (3 votes)
I use another graphics program and use a similar slice tool
2% (1 vote)
I use another graphics program and do NOT use a slice tool
15% (7 votes)
Total votes: 47
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