Chennai Drupal Meet III - Agenda

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Let plan an agenda as always:

We should have session on optimizing MYSQL and PHP for large websites. Would love Vijay to share his experiences on the same with all of us.

We are currently working on a Benchmarking - Solr search and Drupal 6 Search. We could definitely share our experiences.

Vijay, are you ready :)

Guys interested in joining the meet, sign up below.



Really Sorry for this

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Hi, i'm out of chennai. I don't think, i can attend this meeting. I have to take PHP training classes here on weekends. Sorry for inconvenience. Hopefully, I will do best in our next meet. :(

Reg Agenda

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My suggestion we can always have our time divided into 2 and let their be a session for the beginners , so that we can pull new people in Drupal and that way community will also grow . Real Hardcore will not make it interesting for people like me ,Naresh other newbie’s . Druapal is not about coding right :) . I came to know that their are many people in linux chennai group who know Drupal , who need Drupal and those guys are real one who can contribute for the community growth . Can anyone register in Chennai Linux group and post all the Drupal happening so that it we will have many more new friends.


Sure, lets have 1 1/2 hour

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Sure, lets have 1 1/2 hour of tech stuff (developer and programming) and 1 1/2 hour for non-programmers??

Sounds good to me.

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