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GlobalEnglish India Private Limited
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GlobalEnglish is an international company with a global perspective and workforce. We're diverse, both culturally and geographically, but we share a common passion for innovation, technology, and, of course, communication.

Founded in 1997, GlobalEnglish has become the leading provider of online learning and support for business English communication. We offer a scalable, on-demand solution that helps employees improve their ability to communicate effectively in English and enables companies to succeed in the global marketplace.

We're guided by a team of leaders in international business, education, and technology, including the founders of four of the most successful educational technology companies in the world.

Our purpose as a company is to help organizations achieve success by equipping their employees with the business English communication skills necessary to conduct global business.

Globalization brings companies, cultures, and commerce together, and we're here to help organizations embrace and profit from this remarkable convergence.

In addition to our focus on supporting global companies, we also offer the following online English learning experiences:

EnglishCafé is a new social networking site focused on worldwide English communication. Users are able to provide and request English learning content, receive feedback on their English, learn about other cultures, and make friends. Members of EnglishCafé can also purchase premium online English learning solutions. If you are interested in joining our community, please visit

GlobalEnglish Kids™
GlobalEnglish Kids is an interactive online language learning service for children. It delivers a highly effective, structured curriculum in an engaging environment, resulting in higher test scores, confident speaking ability, and motivated students who love learning English. For more information about GlobalEnglish Kids, please visit


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