Positives and negatives of drupal for social networks? List of social networking sites using Drupal?

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I am investigating social networks built in drupal and other php frameworks. Would be interested to know if anyone has used drupal for a large (50-100k) social network. Or if anyone migrated from or to drupal for social networking and the reasons and experiences.




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The biggest one I know of is http://www.popsugar.com I'm not involved in any way with that, though.

Some good reading here: http://www.isaacsukin.com/category/tags/social-networking


Version 4.7.0

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Interesting to see popsugar.com is still running on Drupal version 4.7.0


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Not surprising. I would imagine they customized it considerably, which makes it hard to upgrade. As long as they maintain their own security support, there's no need to change what's working, either.



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http://www.grammy365.com/ - a social network for the members of the Grammy organization. Over 200,000 members. Not sure of the current count of folks who've used the site.

It was a challenge, no question, to do some things that are fairly basic bread-and-butter for a social network. I believe a lot of the modules have come a long way since we did the primary development (summer/fall 2009).

I checked out your site grammy365.

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My name is Danielle. I came across your response to someone asking about the positives and negatives of drupal for social networks. When I visited http://www.grammy365.com not only is it a beautifully designed site, but it does the ONE thing i can't seem to find on drupal's site. I need my main navigation tool bar to create drop down menus whenever you mouse over them the way yours does. I currently have a site on Joomla and this particular feature is built into the system, but does not seem to be built in by default on drupal's platform.

Can you please explain or point me in the right direction on getting this working for me?

Thanks for your time,

There are a number of modules

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There are a number of modules that will do drop down menus; look for the Superfish module - http://drupal.org/project/superfish - in particular. but note that in most cases the menus are built into the theme.


Also interested

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I am currently faced with the chore of trying to figure out, of the users who request to be added to my various Drupal sites, which ones are actually real people and which ones are simply spam accounts with the sole purpose of littering my sites with garbage links.

So I am looking into ways of linking to various social networking sites from Drupal for purposes of user identification in filtering out spammers. The theory being that people with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other well known social networking sites might be more likely to be ethical about spamming everyone (or not - the jury is still out on this theory).

Check out either of these


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Are there any social networking templates available?

Things that would have audio upload, video embedding, profiles, etc.


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