Brighton Area Drupal meetup 18/4: Drupal Building Blocks & Basic Drupal Theming

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2011-04-18 18:30 - 21:00 Europe/London
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User group meeting

We invite you to signup for our forthcoming Brighton Area Drupal meetup on Monday 18th April 2011 at in downtown Brightoncisco! This week we'll be upstairs as Word-up is downstairs @theskiff

Here's the plan - a general session to start with then two half-hour talks with plenty of time for questions and a break in between:

6.30pm-7.00pm Community Space: module finds, news, needs, current projects, DrupalCon London updates, etc.

7.00pm-8.00pm Guy Shneerson - Drupal Building blocks:

A basic introduction to the Drupal architecture and the elements that make up almost every Drupal site from the simplest to the most complex.

8.00pm-9.00pm Dan Bohea - An introduction to Theming Drupal

9.00pm-bedtime - Pub!

Look forward to seeing you there,

Steve Purkiss


Hi, I might be a little late

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I might be a little late along to this one but will get there as soon as i can,

Looking forward to it.


Excellent - see you there!

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Entering a comment as it's required, but the subject says it all ;)

See you tonight!

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Looking forward to seeing some of you tonight for some Drupal building blocks with Guy & basic theming with Dan!

Do we have a projector

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Do we have a projector sorted? If so, will it play nice with my MacBook Air?

Im planning on coming early

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Im planning on coming early and scooting early as a busy week!

Drupal Building blocks - notes

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Thanks to Steve for organising the evening and to all that attended

My notes for Drupal Building blocks can be found on


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Thanks indeed to you and Dan for stepping up!

Looking forward to 9th May!

Here's all the info:


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