Brisbane/Gold Coast Drupal Developed Websites

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I would like to see some of the Drupal websites being developed by designers and developers from QLD. Please share your links and info below.


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I will start off with some of my personal work, a site which is still being developed, which is a community based only surf publication which allows the community to submit articles with photos and video. All of this is moderated with the modr8 module and is running on Drupal 6.x

I'm a Brisbane based drupal

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I'm a Brisbane based drupal developer and have worked on several large corporate websites based on Drupal.

Feel free to ask me any specific questions :)

Some great work there. Very

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Some great work there. Very lucky to work on some decent projects.

I am curious, as I have seen this on a few sites recently, on the Suncorp site, why is there no use of CSS and JS aggregation?
Also are any of these Drupal 7 sites?

My involvement for that site

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My involvement for that site was front end, not sure why it was never turned on.
All of those are D6, don't have any D7 I can share at the moment :)

I'll check with the team.

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It may be an oversight.

We're not running an D7 sites yet. Too early

Sunshine Coast

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I'm a developer on the Sunshine Coast, here's a couple I've done in the last year or so

I have a couple of designers that send me work, they usually do a basic drupal install then I flesh out the theme and custom modules for them

Videos on your sites hang Firefox

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I haven't try other browsers, bu Firefox hangs when I start videos on these sites

My appologies

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That must be flash issue on my comp, other sites have the same problem.

Really like the South Bank

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Really like the South Bank Corp site


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Thanks Jaymie. It used to have a welcome video of one of their employees walking in from the side onto the path, with proper shadows etc so that it looked very realistic. Unfortunately that employee left so they asked us to take it off :( A bit of effort to reshoot.

Mark Matuschka
Glo Digital

BBC News

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i try all other browsers but firfox is the best of theres its speed will be good and also good history record of this but i face one problem in this the flash player donot installed in this .
BBC News

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It may be an oversight


dalleyasaurus's picture - drupal 6 - only recently finished. It would have been drupal 7 except the smsframework wasn't available in 7 when this project started.

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