Outstanding Progress on Selenium/Simpletest Integration

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I want to make sure that everybody in these groups knows about the fantastic simpletest + selenium integration work that ygerasimov has been doing. I just tested out his Selenium module (7.x) and it worked fine for me.

Here's what I did:

  1. Install Selenium module and start Selenium Server as described in the INSTALL.txt.
  2. Installed the Selenium Test Example sandbox for sample tests.
  3. Changed the core version on the Selenium test example to D7
  4. Ran the tests using Simpletest. It worked, walked through the tests, took screenshots, etc.

There's more to be done here, as many Simpletest DrupalWebTestCase functions are not yet implemented, but this is a fantastic start.

ygerasimov has written a number of articles with youtube videos that show off this groundbreaking work: http://ygerasimov.com/. You'll want to watch http://ygerasimov.com/integrating-selenium-to-drupal-simpletest-framework and http://ygerasimov.com/run-selenium-tests-drupal-on-debian-headless


Great stuff

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This is just wonderful. So glad ygerasimov is contributing this.

BTW, number 1 in your list should say, "Install Selenium module and start Selenium Server as described in the INSTALL.txt file".

Thanks for sharing!

version for d7 as contrib module

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Randy thank you very much for this writeup. I have committed selenium integration for drupal 7 as contrib module http://drupal.org/project/selenium so people can easier take a try.

I am starting using it already for contrib module draggableviews. I am going to commit first test in nearest couple of days.