VoIP Drupal Beta 5 is out! Now with "deep SMS integration"!

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Hello all,

We are happy to announce the release of VoIP Drupal Beta 5!

The main goal of this release is to extend VoIP Drupal's SMS capabilities by
a) integrating VoIP Drupal with Drupal's SMS Framework and, with that, compensate for the lack SMS support provided by major VoIP services (such as Tropo or Twilio) outside of the North American market;
b) providing ways for users to carry conversations over SMS (or any other text-based network such as IM, email, Twitter, etc.);
c) enabling the creation of calls that combine text and voice channels in some very interesting ways.

To experiment with the new VoIP Drupal capabilities, try the following scripts available in voipscriptsamples.module:
* voipscript_sms_group, to subscribe, unsubscribe and broadcast messages to SMS groups
* voipscript_sms_call_sender, to get the system to call you back after receiving a text message
* voipscript_sms_dialog, to carry a simple conversation over multiple SMS messages
* voicescript_voice_with_sms_input, to receive sms input in the middle of a voice conversation

In order to accomplish the above, we added new commands to the API -- such as $voipscript->addWait() -- and implemented a new VoipSession class that enables, among other things, a call to resume where it last stopped after a hang up.

Let us know what you think!

-- The VoIP Drupal team


Tropo international

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Tropo does provide SMS outside North America. The Tropo phone number you send from would need to be a US or Canadian number, but these can send to about 850 carriers worldwide. And SMS-enabled numbers in other countries are coming soon.

SMS Framework is a great thing to integrate anyway, as it has good gateway coverage and the number of SMS gateways offered for it is growing.

Glad to see the module continuing to improve.


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