Phase 2: Define data model and structure supporting the identified components

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Data Model

I'd propose fully leveraging the new 'Entity' concept within Drupal to represent each of the components required in a league management module.

Object Entity Bundles Comments
Sport Sport Team Sport
Individual Sport
League League League
Conferences and Divisions would have a 'parent league' reference field
Season Season Season
Facilities Facility Site
Fields have a 'site' reference (support for 'multi-field' sites)
Team Team Team Container
Team Instance
Team 'Instance' represents team in a season
Club Club Club Contains one or more teams. i.e. 1st, 2nd, mens, womens, juniors
Roster Roster Roster
Roster 'Instance' represents roster in a season, 'Lineup' in a game
Player Player Player
"User" players have uid, Admin for non-players (such as coach)
Position Position Position Represents sport-specific 'positions' as well as admin (coach, etc)
Match Match Match
Exhibition Match (by sport)
May include 'parent' relationships for Game/Set/Match setups
Result Result Game/Set/Match Results types (by sport)
Summary Summary Game Scoring Summary (by sport)
Stats Player Stats Per sport Player Statistics bundles