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A tournament module purely for FPS games

Well I am new to drupal, but not new to FPS leagues. I was searching a league module purely for FPS games for UTSC. UTSC( is organizing urban terror tournaments like Asia Pacific Knockouts and Sniper league etc.
But still I cant find any particular module for my leagues.Mainly all modules are only for football type games.
Now we are using Tournament module by Seanr(currently best module for FPS type leagues) but still it lacks in some features required for FPS gaming leagues.

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ULT or similar for referee assignment?

I'm trying to put together a website for our local AYSO region to manage team, field, and division organization. ULT is awesome so far for all of that. One important piece of the puzzle is referee assignment, which does not appear to be a function of ULT.

Here's what I am trying to do for referee assignment:
- User accounts may be added to "referee" group (already got this)
- User profiles may specify referee certification level/age group (already got this)

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Commons To Create A Sport/Player Management System


I'm currently trying to build a small lacrosse community based on Commons 3.x. The idea is that there are multiple teams and leagues that all form a community as the players do not change much from league to league. So I want to create two types of groups. Team groups and League groups. Team groups with give players a place to converse over team matters. The league groups will be all inclusive and be the place where individual leagues will be created with related teams, players and games.

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Going to Denver? Please attend our BoF!

If you're attending DrupalCon Denver, I've scheduled a BoF on Wednesday afternoon to meet, greet, and discuss Sports and League Management within Drupal.

Details can be found at ... hope to see you there!

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Field_collection module

On the chance this idea hasn't been mentioned here, in using the field_collection module recently the thought occurred it could be potentially useful for recording game statistics. Each game node could contain a list of field_collections, one for each team/player involved. Each collection would contain an entity reference to the team/player, and a set of statistics fields. When the manager inputs the game results and the game is saved, rules could fire to automatically update the referenced teams/players.

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Project Manager | Not Disclosed

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 
Not allowed


As a new and exciting start-up we are looking for a Drupal developer in the DC area with a passion for sports to take our exciting and groundbreaking concept, from just an idea, to a dynamic content rich site. As the lead developer and project manager, you will have the ability to get involved with a project at its inception, and oversee the development and design of a very promising site. An ideal developer will have a passion for sports and experience developing content-rich interactive sites.

To apply please e-mail

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